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Global Graphics Releases Jaws PDF Courier

Press release from the issuing company

Feb. 12 - Global Graphics, a leading developer and supplier of high performance solutions for document creation and printing, today released a new software tool for secure document delivery. The tool links companies directly with print centers and other service providers for the efficient and secure submission of 'ready-to-print' jobs over the Internet. Jaws PDF Courier is an encrypted client/server document delivery system that enables print service centers (copyshop, commercial and corporate) to create customized specifications for PDF file creation and output, and to distribute the software as a complete 'own brand' PDF workflow package to their clients. Clients are able to easily create, preview and submit any document, created in any application, direct from the desktop to designated print centers in an automated PDF workflow. Jaws PDF Courier delivers these files to print providers in a format optimized for production with resultant increased productivity and shorter deadlines. Due to their small file size and platform/application independence, PDF files are the ideal format for sending digital documents destined for printing across the Internet. Other applications are numerous, including implementation within document management and document workflow systems. "Print providers don't have time to wait around for the perfect PDF,'' says David Boxall, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "They make their living by feeding digital presses and other output devices a steady diet of short print runs, so time is an important factor. Jaws PDF Courier does all the work for them according to the specifications they set, and in a way that can be totally transparent to the document originator.'' Flexible software toolkit Jaws PDF Courier is a complete integration and customization software kit for secure PDF file delivery featuring encryption and job ticketing as standard. It comprises core components for implementing solutions on both client and server. The Client software is based on Global Graphics' Jaws PDF Creator technology and allows print providers to set up a software client incorporating pre-defined PDF creation settings and corporate branding. The Server software includes a Client builder application to produce the customized Client software and a number of components, including a decryption server. The software is designed to be integrated with web-based applications to provide complete job ticketing capabilities. Featuring printing, finishing and delivery web application examples, the job ticket can include tracking, auditing and billing functions if required. This unique client software can be distributed to end users on CD or via the Internet for quick and easy installation. In one step, end users can select the delivery destination directly from their print menu. The document is automatically converted into the correct PDF file and transmitted via the Internet to the print site. If required, the PDF file can be proofed on screen before transmission. Once received by the print provider, the PDF is finally decrypted and automatically enters the internal production workflow. Alan Wheeler, Director of Corporate Sales Development, Global Graphics Software Ltd, said, "We are committed to the development of powerful and easy to use software solutions for multi-user document creation, management and output. Jaws PDF Courier gives system integrators a flexible tool they can then customize to suit the specific requirements of volume oriented commercial and corporate print service providers to link the print centers with their clients in a secure and efficient environment.'' Licensing for Jaws PDF Courier consists of a single charge for the server software and various client software license packages. Jaws PDF Courier will commence shipping in February 2002 and is available from a number of select Global Graphics OEMs, system integrators and VARs who will work with customers to provide an integrated solution to their PDF delivery requirements. Initial sales inquiries should be made through (www.jawspdf.com). Other products Global Graphics offers for document creation, management and printing include: Jaws PDF Creator (a stand-alone PDF Creation tool which translates and renders files created in a wide range of native office and page layout applications to the published PDF specification); and Jaws PDF Server (a centralized server software solution that manages the conversion of multi-format documents into PDFs for corporate distribution). End About Jaws PDF Technologies Jaws PDF technologies are a suite of products developed by Global Graphics Software. Jaws PDF creation tools and PDF-based solutions have been available since 1994 and the company is committed to the ongoing development of new and innovative products to meet evolving market requirements. The Jaws PDF product line delivers document creation, management, and output tools for a range of applications. Products include: Jaws PDF Creator, the simple and affordable method of producing PDF files from any application; Jaws PDF Server, the enterprise solution for centralized PDF creation; and Jaws PDF Courier, the generation and delivery of secure PDF files for print providers. In addition, custom Jaws PDF Solutions are developed by Global Graphics for organizations requiring powerful and streamlined document-based solutions for specific local/remote applications.