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FujiFilm: Johnston Printing Reports Full Customer Trust with Digital Switch

Press release from the issuing company

HANOVER PARK, Ill. (January 31, 2002) — Traditionally one of the most critical points in the printing process, the "press check" is becoming optional (if not obsolete) for a growing number of customers at Spokane, Wash.-based Johnston Printing. Since the installation of a new Fujifilm PictroProof in July, Steve Johnston, president/owner, says many of his out-of-area customers are OKing the proofs from the comfort (and convenience) of their desks — instead of being physically present at the plant. "That’s how confident our customers are in the PictroProof’s accuracy," Johnston says. "That’s the kind of trust they have in the PictroProof. It’s very accurate, and customers know color will match on-press. So press checks aren’t as important as they used to be for many of our out-of-area customers. They can trust the proof they see on their desks and don’t have to come in for press checks." Considering Johnston Printing specializes in high-end work, with most of its business coming from graphic designers and ad agencies, customer trust (enough to bypass press checks!) says a lot. "We go out of our way to make sure our customers get the highest quality and quickest turnaround," contends Johnston, pointing to a recent job that involved producing 300,000 direct mail inserts in just three days. State-of-the-art technology like the PictroProof — and a new Fujifilm Dart thermal platesetter, which was also part of the CTP installation — helps the company accomplish these objectives. "The right technology makes it easier for us to produce a high-quality product," Johnston says. "Digital is the wave of the future, and we wanted to be one of the first printers in our area to offer it. Customers like the fact that the digital proofing is one step; no more bluelines. They can correct the job and turn it around faster. "The Dart also helps hasten the process," Johnston adds. "It’s quick and efficient. It’s a nice machine. The dot on the plate is good. Registration is great. And, we like the footprint; it’s smaller than a lot of equipment." And space is an important consideration for small commercial printers like Johnston Printing. Investing in "compact, affordable and easy-to-maintain equipment" is as important as the system’s high-tech capabilities, Johnston claims. "I had been doing a lot with Fuji consumables over the years. I like the Fuji product. When it came time to make the digital switch, we wanted to continue our working relationship with Fuji, so we went with Fuji machines." Johnston says he’s more than satisfied with his choice. "The accuracy of digital technology gives us an advantage over other printers," he concludes, "especially when it comes to out-of-area customers — who trust the technology enough to make ‘press checks’ without having to leave their desks."