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VUTEk: PressVu UV Successfully Demonstrated in Brussels

Press release from the issuing company

Jan.28, 2001 - In December 2001, VUTEk demonstrated a fully operational model of its revolutionary PressVu UV 180 EC super-wide format digital printer in Brussels. Customers from all over Europe were invited to scrutinize this latest piece of leading-edge technology from VUTEk, which they overwhelmingly applauded. Paul Whitehurst from Cestrian commented, 'I was impressed with the versatility of the PressVu UV. The engineering quality of the printer was excellent and the printing quality across a wide range of substrates looked great.' Offering the ultimate in super-wide flexibility, the PressVu UV printed UV curable inks directly onto a range of rigid and flexible substrates even unusual surfaces like metal or glass - for the customers to inspect. Minimising the variation in output appearance, the PressVu UV is capable of printing eight colors, switchable to fast four mode and can attain a true 600 dpi resolution (apparent 1200 dpi resolution). The machine was available for demonstration for 2 days only, as it was part way through its shipping process to VUTEk's first adopter of the PressVu UV, UK-based ESP Technologies Group. Anticipating its arrival on the market, ESP held back from the first wave of competitive flatbed machines, trusting VUTEk's promise to 'set the standard in digital printing'. Commenting on the purchase, ESP's Managing Director, Stephen Hood, said, 'The PressVu UV is the first flatbed inkjet printer we have seen that can match genuinely the tonal quality, color vibrancy and durability of our screen-printing work.' Stephen continues, 'The VUTEk technology appears to be not only the most advanced, in terms of the image quality it can achieve, but also the most robustly reliable.' Appearing from amidst a dramatic light show, the PressVu UV made its European debut at VUTEk's Demo Centre in Brussels. One customer said it was 'a totally innovative and ingenious way to introduce the machine'. The customers felt that the event was very well presented, very impressive and very professional. Michael Ayerst from VGL, said, 'The show went very well and was interesting. It was a worthwhile event and I would definitely attend another.' Eliminating time consuming processes of screen-printing set-up by printing directly onto rigid board and flexible substrates, the PressVu UV has minimal post-job finishing and is targeted at screen-printing companies as well as graphic display shops and commercial printers. Capable of transforming short-run time-consuming costly propositions into viable, efficient and lucrative business opportunities, the PressVu UV handles sheet or continuous feed substrates up to 72-inches (183cm) wide and 1-inch thick. Richard Aschman, CEO, VUTEk concludes, 'We are really excited about the potential of the PressVu UV to help our customers generate new revenue. Like all of our products, it was born out of our continuing commitment to stretch the boundaries and expand the capabilities of super-wide digital inkjet printing. We look forward to great success with this product in the future and to hearing about ESP's achievements.'