Presstek Poised to Provide CTP and DI Solutions at IPEX

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Multiple Vendors to Showcase Presstek-DI Enabled Presses Presstek Spotlights Chemical-Free Dimension & Anthem CTP System Featuring New Automatic Plate Loading Option LONDON, Jan. 29 - Presstek, Inc. will demonstrate its leadership in both DI (direct imaging) and CTP for the print and publishing industry at IPEX 2002. Presstek's award-winning ProFire imaging technology and thermal plates, which require no chemical processing, provide highly productive and cost efficient solutions for both CTP and DI workflows. Presstek's DI-enabling technologies will show at its own exhibit, stand #4-870; as well as at numerous partner booths including Heidelberg (stand #8- 110), KBA (stand #12-140), Ryobi (stand #10-430), and Sakurai (stand #9-220). The company's Dimension CTP and Anthem thermal plate CTP solutions will also be shown in the Presstek, KBA, and Sakurai stands. Presstek Strengthens Commitment to Process-Free Thermal CTP Presstek's Dimension computer-to-plate systems and Anthem thermal plates, first introduced at Drupa 2000, continue to gain market share. Customers are attracted by the system's low cost of ownership and chemistry-free workflow, plus industry-standard Presstek DI imaging. John O'Rourke, Presstek's Director of Consumables, states, "With Presstek CTP the only processing step required is a simple cleaning with water, resulting in a chemical-free plate making operation.'' O'Rourke adds that "Presstek is currently developing both on- and off-press plate products that are designed to eliminate this cleaning step -- resulting in totally process-free imaging.'' New Automatic Plate Loading At IPEX, Presstek will demonstrate the Dimension400 with a new automatic plate loading system. The Dimension Auto Plate Loader automates the imaging and delivery process down to a single point-and-click. A Dimension platesetter equipped with the automatic plate loading option is capable of supporting multiple plate sizes, simultaneously, without operator intervention. Marc Johnson, Presstek's Product Line Marketing Manager, CTP Products, explains, "The new Dimension auto loading process is specifically designed for the small to mid-size shop that requires a CTP solution supporting multiple plate sizes. Since the Automatic Plate Loader eliminates the labor needed to load, image and wash plates, it is especially appealing.'' Johnson continues, "the option allows an operator to set-up their CTP system, and literally forget about it. They can concentrate on preparing jobs, proofing, and then just feed plates when it's convenient.'' Dimension800 Images Eight-Page Plates at Max Resolution in 5 Minutes Presstek will also demonstrate a Dimension800 platesetter on its IPEX stand. The Dimension800 is an eight-page system providing a compact design and easy operation. The system images Presstek's Anthem and PEARLdry plates; the largest size plate is imaged in less than 5.1 minutes at maximum resolution. New, More Powerful Server with Trapping & Proofing Software Options Presstek will highlight a more powerful server at IPEX. The new server will include a dual 1 Ghz Pentium III processor, Windows 2000 Server Edition, 640 MB of RAM, and 108 GB of RAID Level 0 storage. TrapWorks and ProofReady, two additional software options, are also now available for the RIP. TrapWorks is an automatic "in-RIP'' trapping solution that automatically traps jobs in the background, without manual intervention. ProofReady allows select Epson and HP inkjet printers to be driven directly by the Presstek DI-rip To ensure predictable output, ProofReady uses the same RIP to generate both proofs and plates, and comes with a variety of pre-configured color profiles, including ICC profiles, for many conventional proofing systems. Presstek Expands Leadership Role In the Growth of Digital Printing Stan Najmr, Director of DI for Presstek, speaks of the continuing growth in the DI market: "Attendees at IPEX will see confirmation of the accelerated adoption of DI presses. KBA is Presstek's newest strategic partner, and they are selling their new DI press, the 46 Karat, which utilizes Presstek's ProFire imaging technology and PEARLdry plates.'' The compact design of the two-page 46 Karat resembles that of the 74 Karat. Engineered to deliver quick turnaround times for short-run color, the machine's register stability and color yield high quality at low cost. Job changes take just 10 minutes, thanks to an advanced level of automation. KBA is marketing the press throughout Europe and also plans offer it in the Latin American and Asian markets. The Keys to Success When asked what are the keys to Presstek's success, Efrem Lieber, Presstek's Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Customer Support; states, "We believe our ability to develop and deliver profitable and productive systems to customers for on- and off-press, are the primary reasons for the company's continuing achievements.'' Lieber cites the "exceptional performance of our chemical-free Anthem thermal plates imaging on Dimension CTP systems'' as an example, along with the high value and fast makeready that make Presstek enabled DI solutions so attractive to printers even in difficult economic conditions. Confirmation of Presstek's winning strategies is not only evidenced by growing popularity of its wide range of solutions, but also in third party market research. In fact, a study by CAP Ventures released this month by Heidelberg USA shows that users of DI presses continue to be profitable. The study reports that users of Heidelberg's Quickmaster DI outperform the average printer in the marketplace. Quickmaster DI (QM DI) owners report, on average, a 45% gross profit margin, a lead of 15% over the 2001 PIA digital printing profit leaders and a 19% lead over the average of all PIA printers. The profitability of QM DI printers is 3% higher in 2001 than in 1999, despite the fact that the economic climate is more challenging today.