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International Typeface Corporation Announces Seven New Fonts

Press release from the issuing company

WILMINGTON, Mass.--Jan. 24, 2002--International Typeface Corporation (ITC), a major provider of fonts and custom typeface solutions, today announced the addition of seven new fonts to the company's renowned ITC collection. The new typefaces include ITC Tickle(tm), ITC Tickle Too(tm), ITC Hedera(tm), ITC Scram Gravy(tm), ITC Jeepers(tm), ITC Cinderella(tm) and the ITC Batak(tm) family. These original typefaces are available immediately from ITC and www.itcfonts.com, and the fonts will soon be added to the complete ITC library product. ITC has exclusive ownership and is the sole distributor of the ITC typeface library that now includes over 1,200 fonts. "In the past year alone, ITC has added dozens of fresh, new designs to its collection of typefaces,'' said Allan Haley, director of new typeface development at ITC. "We are proud to offer these new typefaces exclusively through ITC, and we look forward to many future additions to our powerful type resources.'' The complete character sets of the new ITC releases can be viewed at www.itcfonts.com/new. ITC Tickle ITC Tickle and ITC Tickle Too are Patricia Lillie's first ITC typeface releases. Tickle is a bi-form font (with both cap and lowercase letters of the same size) that clearly breaks a typographic rule or two. The result is a friendly, offbeat display family that is guaranteed to add a giggle. ITC Hedera Rough-hewn yet elegant, ITC Hedera is an exceptional display design. Olivera Stojadinovic created the first sketches with a handmade tool that rendered the distinctive, uneven double-strokes of the letterforms. Based on Renaissance letterforms, ITC Hedera has a classical quality that complements its calligraphic exuberance. ITC Scram Gravy Nick Curtis divined the rules for ITC Scram Gravy after spotting the 1928 logotype for Sertal Toiletries. The end result includes tight curls in characters like the 'm,' 'i,' 'r,' and 'y' that soften the lowercase and give the design a light-hearted flavor. ITC Jeepers This Nick Curtis typeface was inspired by a typeface on a 1920s poster for a German bookseller. The monoweight, slab serif design has a friendly personality, perfect for headlines and other display uses. ITC Jeepers gets its name from the slightly startling demeanor of its distinctive exclamation point and the exclamatory ear of its lowercase 'g.' ITC Cinderella Patricia Lillie's ITC Cinderella is a break from staid, somber typefaces. ITC Cinderella projects gaiety and freedom. Capitals harmonize with a lowercase that bounces along with a lively, carefree attitude. Abounding with varying stroke weights and curlicues, this charming design brims with delight. ITC Batak While visiting the island of Samosir, Charles Nix photographed and sketched the letterforms found on the island's numerous hand-painted signs. Nix later translated the designs to create ITC Batak. Named for the proud ancestors of Samosir's inhabitants, ITC Batak's letterforms are reminiscent of those used for posters and handbills in America and Europe at the end of the 19th century, but with a distinctly Southeast Asian flavor. This properly dressed grotesque features bold condensed letters with hexagonal serifs.