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Workstation Report Says PCs Making Major Gains in Creative World

Press release from the issuing company

NEW YORK, NY -- January 23, 2002 -- TrendWatch Graphic Arts today released its latest special report entitled, "Computer Platforms: Do Creatives Do Windows?" TrendWatch Graphic Arts (TWGA), known for its analysis of the graphic arts and graphic communications industries, reports that Apple continues to have some stronghold segments, but that Windows-based PCs are steadily garnering significant gains in many creative-based segments. TWGA also addresses the impact of Linux as it aims to penetrate the marketplace now dominated by Windows NT. For more information on the report, please visit the TWGA website http://www.trendwatchgraphicarts.com. "The platform issue is not an inconsiderable issue, nor is it completely academic," noted Vince Naselli, Director, TrendWatch Graphic Arts. "A great deal of investment [money and, more importantly, time] goes into a workflow and the equipment that comprises it, and nothing is more frustrating than finding that a crucial application isn't supported. Creative professionals, especially those who walk the bleeding edge of new media, need to stay up to date on new media and how to develop for it. However loyal someone may want to be to a specific platform, it comes down to being loyal to their own bottom line." According to the Report... -- DESIGNERS' USE OF QUARKXPRESS: Mac usage has declined slightly since 1999 (from 81% to 79%), while the PC version has increased in usage (from 10% to 14%); -- MAGAZINE PUBS and PC'S : 39% of magazine publishers involved in cross-media projects plan to invest in PCs; -- INTERNET (MAC vs. PC) : 71% of corporate Internet departments are investing in PCs, compared to 13% investing in Macs; -- LINUX USE : There is a slight rise in Linux investment among corporate design departments, as 8% of the firms planning to purchase Windows workstations planned to put Linux on them; -- LINUX NICHE : Demand for Linux workstations are much higher among Web hosting firms (32%) than other firms. This just-released, 100+-page report addresses the many concerns creative professionals, production houses, and vendors face in choosing which platforms to implement or develop for. The research exhibits the trends, the obstacles, and the breakthroughs, as they relate to the graphic communications industry, and deciphers the data into easy-reading analysis and charts. Added Naselli, "Software companies often struggle to second guess which platform they should develop for. It's really not as simple as matching graphic design with Mac and everything else in the universe with Windows. The reality is far more complicated than that. Simply stated, the act of eliminating one platform translates to cutting out that platform's customer base."