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AVT Launches New Solutions for Profit Building at IPEX

Press release from the issuing company

Hod-Hasharon, Israel, January 21, 2002 – Advanced Vision Technology (AVT) will be showing its full range of new and established solutions for automatic inspection systems (AIS) for web applications at IPEX 2002, (Hall 9, Stand 250). AVT develops AIS solutions for flexo, gravure and web offset litho applications for packaging and labels printers. Hallmarks of AVT’s solutions are that they are open and fully upgradeable, which means that AVT’s systems can be seen as genuine investments that will not only deliver quality and bottom-line profits today, but will not be obsolete tomorrow. Strong relationships with major flexo and gravure press manufacturers based on the acceptance of AVT’s approach to AIS, have led to the development of new solutions for packaging and labels printers. Another Step to Print Control Most recently, AVT has focused on solutions to cut make-ready time and waste. A major area for improvement is in achieving color quickly and holding it throughout the run. The major components of color control of flexo presses are principally related to cylinder pressure and ink viscosity, hence any change of these control parameters will result in a color variation. AVT’s ReColor solution, currently under development, is a closed-loop solution using viscosity and cylinder control to quickly achieve required color in set-up and ensure stable color during run time. During set-up, ReColor helps to bring the press quickly to the required color, by checking and analyzing the printed image and comparing it to previously stored data of a similar job. During the run, ReColor can control plate pressure and viscosity settings of all colors, by analyzing and identifying the cause of any color variation on the printed image. The Intra-Repeat AVT has developed Delta E color measurement capabilities. As usual, these technological capabilities are directed to resolve workflow requirements. They are: - Intra-Repeat measurements of left-right for controlling left-right pressure balance on each cylinder, during make ready. - Quality assurance measurement tool for the operator to help achieve consistency in different packages on the same repeat, during make-ready and run time. In addition, the Delta E measurement capability provides the AVT user with an effective communication tool with his customer, who defines the job requirements in "Delta E" language. Labels – A Niche Solution The PrintVision/Apollo-Label solution delivers 100% inspection for total quality control in the production of labels. The system visually inspects narrow web products and labels, and can be integrated with a rewinder and other finishing equipment to form a combined Automatic Inspection Station or be mounted on the press. The system ensures that only good copy is shipped to customers – a major benefit to both the customer and the printer! Using an LCCD camera and sophisticated software, the PrintVision/Apollo-Label stores ‘good master’ copies in its memory during set-up. Tolerances can be set independently so that the operator has maximum freedom in setting up the job. During the run, images on the press are compared to the masters and random faults and other deviations from the masters will trigger a visual and/or audio alarm, alerting the press operator to take remedial action. The type of fault is identified by a background color code, which can be seen from a distance so the operator does not have to return to the console unless absolutely necessary. Sections containing defects can be marked on the reel for later removal. On the rewinder, waste material can be either removed, or marked for future removal. Closed Loop Register Pre-setting AVT’s pRegister solution for register pre-setting closes the loop with machine vision capabilities and enables printers to bring presses into register rapidly while saving time as well as expensive substrates. pRegister slashes start up waste on Central Impression (CI) flexo presses by bringing up to 10 colors into register within one minute to fine accuracy. Instead of wasting up to 1000 meters of valuable substrate, pRegister enables a press to be brought into register using 100 meters or less. The system can be used on paper, film, foil, cellophane and other substrates. The cost savings possible have led to the pRegister solution being installed on more than 50 presses around the world. Today, pRegister is installed on more than half of all new CI flexo presses. Quality & Process Control with PrintVision/Argus Also on the stand will be the PrintVision/Argus, an Automatic 100% Quality & Process Control solution. The system visually inspects all kinds of printed materials, including transparent and flexible substrates used in the packaging and labels industry, and automatically detects imperfections in real-time. The PrintVision/Argus can be installed as an add-on module for any of the PrintVision family of solutions (PrintVision/9000NT, PrintVision/Pro, and PrintVision/Genesis Dual Mode).