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Skinny Update: Wants to Expand Use to Cameras and Scanners

Press release from the issuing company

February 11, 2002 (WhatTheyThink.com) Skinny Technologies, the company touting a new file reduction process for the print industry, plans to partner with companies making scanners and digital cameras thus expanding the use of their Skinny application. Skinny Technologies Inc. announced on September 25, 2001 the launch of their proprietary technology, SkinnyScript. SkinnyScript is an encoding process that significantly reduces the size of graphic image files used in publishing, “without compromising image quality.” In an interview posted today at WhatTheyThink.com, Skinny’s CEO, Daniel Walters indicated that they would primarily use others who have dealer channels already in place. He also said digital camera and scanner manufacturers were a target. “Skinny will license OEMs like digital camera and scanner manufacturers. Also software developers like Ultimate Technographics and Where?Media. They in turn will distribute through their dealer channels.” In the interview, Walters held financial projections to himself citing their publicly traded status, but did say that the Where?Media and Ultimate Technographics partnerships were solid revenue opportunities. Walters said Ultimate will sell Skinny versions of their products. “Ultimate develops all of our prepress products, the Skinny PhotoShop Plug-Ins and the PostScript to PDF converter. In addition, Ultimate has made a Skinny version of most of their products for Skinny Technologies. This gives (us) end-to-end prepress and digital print workflow software platforms.” Specifically, SkinnyScript is a method of filtering the PostScript stream from applications and encoding the PostScript before it is distilled by a standard PDF distiller to reduce file size. It reduces prepress quality PDF files small enough to be e-mailed by the pages or one can easily download a full 8-up imposition in minutes. In the interview, Walters discusses their relations with CopyDot Prepress, details about the Skinny process and their big focus - Print On Demand, Prepress Workflows and Digital Asset Management. The interview is available for Premium Access members at www.whattheythink.com.