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Imation Launches Enhanced Profiling Tool for Verifi Accurate Web Color

Press release from the issuing company

OAKDALE, Minn.- Dec. 20, 2001-- Imation has announced a new, enhanced profiling tool for Verifi Accurate Web Color, its industry-leading online tool for providing accurate color on the web. The new version of the Verifi profiler minimizes the end-user process for profiling the monitor and more accurately describes and captures the behavior of the end-user's monitor and graphics system, making it the most accurate and easy to use software-only monitor profiling system available on the web today. Verifi Accurate Web Color is a server-based Internet technology that dynamically modifies color images to compensate for the differences inherent in the way monitors display color. The Verifi system allows e-commerce business and consumer users to confidently purchase, or otherwise make decisions about products presented online when color accuracy is important. The color management system of choice for some of the most demanding online color requirements -- cosmetics, interior design and graphic arts -- the Verifi system has recently been installed on Dermablend.com, a division of L'Oreal Cosmetics and the market leader in corrective makeup; BlueBolt.com, a software tool for interiors industry professionals that facilitates the specification process for interior finishes; and Workbook.com, the online version of the most comprehensive national directory of creative talent for the graphic arts industry. "When we embarked on updating the Verifi profiler, our goal was simple,'' said Dave Veilleux, Director, marketing and business development, Imation Internet Technology. "We wanted to make the profiling process simple and quick while fostering an experience that maximized end-user confidence. This has been achieved while also maintaining a very high level of accuracy within the profiling outcome.'' Verifi technology processes images "on the fly'' to serve the exact image for an individual user's monitor profile. "In the Web-world without Verifi color, all visitors to a particular page receive the same image. Because every monitor displays colors differently, these visitors perceive that same image differently. In the Web-world powered by Verifi Accurate Web Color, each visitor to a particular page receives a slightly different image so they all perceive that item the same. The Verifi profiler accurately accounts for the color variability attributed to monitor design and age, graphics card types and manufacturers, operating systems and web browsers.'' The new user interface is the result of extensive business and consumer end-user research. Imation teamed with Human Factors International for human factors engineering and usability guidance on this project. "While the original Verifi profiler took only a couple of minutes to complete, interviews with both consumer and business users found they wanted something easier and quicker,'' said Dr. Mike Nelson, Consulting Director, Human Factors International. "We conducted usability testing to measure acceptability and preferences and the result is a new profiler consisting of only three web pages. The process is completed in less than half the time required to complete other `equivalent' processes.'' Dr. Nelson also noted that the way users decide on the visual adjustments was redesigned to give them more confidence in their settings.