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Applied Printing Technologies Powers New Division With Exstream

Press release from the issuing company

Exstream Software, Inc. announced today that Applied Printing Technologies is implementing Dialogue as their software of choice for supporting APT Digital, a new division which will focus solely on offering customers high-quality, variable content digital printing solutions. APT plans to move beyond personalization by providing enhanced 1:1 marketing materials that include content-specific images, text and promotions for direct mail, high-volume statements, newsletters and more. With billings in excess of $100 million annually, and offices in Moonachie, NJ; Bloomfield, CT; and Elmira, NY, APT is one of the top 50 commercial printers nationwide. As the first company in the country to own an IBM InfoPrint Color 130 plus, APT Digital found Exstream Software to be the first print software vendor able to implement the new extensions to IBM's Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) architecture for high-speed, full color digital printing. Another key consideration for APT Digital was Dialogue's ability to create PostScript and PDF, in addition to full color AFP output. Dialogue's support for a variety of PDF workflow solutions was key for driving their recently acquired NexPress digital press (APT Digital is the first to drive the NexPress using Dialogue). APT reports Dialogue can seamlessly handle high-volume applications that require imaging and text composition on the fly, including variable pie charts and tables used for producing personalized statements. "We believe in the power of variable print. Our whole mission for APT Digital is to deliver on the promise of customer relationship management through digital printing and the Internet," said Nicholas Brusco, senior vice president of APT Digital. "Dialogue is incredibly fast in the way it processes data. Its design interface, use of rules, and data handling functions are all tightly integrated and very easy to use, making it a perfect tool for efficiently building variable print applications." Through its eFulfillment capabilities, Dialogue offers APT Digital customers the ability to react quickly to market demand. Customers can request customized documents, such as 401(k) enrollment books, over the Internet. They simply sign-on to the Internet and input information requests through a custom-designed Web form. Dialogue generates the requested document in real time and displays it online in seconds for the customer to view, print, respond to, etc. With Dialogue's eFulfillment capabilities, APT can pass along savings in printing, warehousing and shipping costs to customers. But more importantly, it paves the way for building customer loyalty by giving customers the ability to retrieve personalized information on demand over the Internet. "APT Digital is highly creative when it comes to showing customers how they can access the power of digital print to support their marketing initiatives. Dialogue provides a comprehensive set of capabilities that efficiently and effectively utilize multiple delivery channels for building stronger customer relationships," said Davis Marksbury, president and CEO of Exstream Software. "We are proud to be an integral part of APT's initiative to offer variable print as a way to achieve true customer relationship management." APT also reports saving significant time and money with Dialogue's ability to re-use graphic images across multiple variable document applications. With Dialogue, there is no need to rip each individual page during production. All images can be pre-ripped and stored for future use. About Applied Printing Technologies: Based in Moonachie, New Jersey, Applied Printing Technologies is one of the top 50 commercial printers nationwide. Their core competencies include print production, finishing and fulfillment, and they offer a full line of commercial print production. Services include prepress, short and long run sheet-fed printing, half-web and full-web printing, full service finishing capabilities, fulfillment, point of purchase production, on-site facility management programs and new media.