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Dual Graphics, A Whole Different Printing World with AB Dick 9995A-ICS

Press release from the issuing company

CHICAGO, IL -- .With demand still rising for true two-color work, customers who opted to invest in the A.B.Dick 9995A-ICS offset press are seeing returns on their investment. So while potential new customers investigate the many advantages of the 9995A-ICS with Ink Control System, small print shop customers like John Kanet at Dual Graphics have already started expanding their horizons The 9995A-ICS is an enhanced version of A.B.Dick's tremendously successful 9995 offset press, which revolutionized two-color printing with its outstanding quality and remarkable precision. A digital plate compatible press, the 9995A-ICS offers a semi-automatic plate changer with great benefits. What's new is an ink volume setter software package that is interfaced with DPM2340 software, with no additional workstation needed. "Customers have told us the 9995A-ICS press is very user-friendly. One of the big reasons why they see greater productivity is because it requires almost no learning curve. You turn it on and start making money," said Dennis James, Manager, Press Planning and Management. "The ink volume setter gives the computer time to review a job prior to printing. This helps an operator reduce set-up time by finding the beginning density quicker." Designed to deliver consistent color quality, the 9995A-ICS not only reduces make-ready time but also slashes plate-changing time to less than two minutes. Registration adjustments take less time, plate mounting accuracy is improved, and there is a savings achieved by reducing the waste of running sheets. Since installing the 9995A-ICS last June, John Kanet has experienced his own revolution at Dual Graphics, a fixture on Cincinnati's West Side for the last 31 years. "We went from 1970s-style printing to a state-of-the-art 2001 digital shop overnight," said Kanet, who added an A.B.Dick DPM2340 direct-to-plate device to the mix. "We specialize in fast turnaround and quality printing. We were in competition with other quick printers because of the amount of one-color work we did and we still use our Multi 1250 presses for this work. Since adding the 9995A-ICS, we have lowered our price on two-color printing and become more profitable. We switched to 8 mil polyester plates, therefore eliminating metal plates and the negatives that go with them, and the time-consuming conventional stripping process." The configuration of the 9995A-ICS press adjusts the ink fountain and loads plates semi-automatically, an appealing benefit since Dual Graphics has just five employees. With a maximum sheet size of 13.3" x 17.7" and top printing speed of 10,000 impressions per hour, the versatility of the press was tested by Kanet's desire to print on coated paper. "We could not do it before but we now have the capability to print on coated stock. All of the two-color work includes hairline registration and trapping," said Kanet. "Most of our work is short-run newsletters, brochures and flyers, usually less than 10,000 impressions. This press will help us be successful getting into four-color process work soon."