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Oce Com Works Software, Solutions for Transaction Printing Market

Press release from the issuing company

CHICAGO, Oct. 9 -- Oce, addressing the needs of the transaction printing marketplace that creates 500 billion forms annually in the U.S. and Europe, today introduced Oce Com Works software, an integrated electronic forms and output management product. The easy-to-use software provides transaction printing departments in industries such as finance, insurance and utilities/telecommunications with custom document management, quick delivery and cost- savings approaches in a single-server concept. "While other competitive products focus on either output management or forms creation, Oce Com Works software is the only product in which both functions are seamlessly integrated,'' said Erik van Deurzen, director of marketing for Oce Network Printing Solutions."This creates improved time-and-cost efficiencies for transaction-oriented, document-serviceorganizations and an ease of integration that is unmatched in the market.'' Transaction documents include receipts, order-processing forms, policies and contracts generated from enrollment in insurance programs, and monthly invoices and statements from banks and utility companies, among others. Oce Com Works E-forms and Output Management The Oce Com Works software suite is comprised of two components: Oce Com Works E-forms and Oce Com Works Output Management. When combined, the complementary software provides automatic data recognition, transformation, production and distribution into output devices, and includes easy monitoring and control capabilities for more efficient document production. Oce Com Works E-forms software recognizes incoming data and determines what to do with it based on predetermined conditions. The easy-to-use and easy-to-integrate software takes raw data and automatically inserts it into a personalized and customized final document. Fast and cost-efficient, Oce Com Works E-forms reduces the time required to create and process forms, and allows invoices to be delivered more quickly. Oce Com Works Output Management software is designed with an open architecture that governs the actual printing process and administers, monitors, transforms and delivers documents to the correct recipients at the right time and in the correct quantities. The software assures a reliable print operation by retrieving multiple jobs and handling multiple printing, queuing and scheduling environments. Oce Com Works Output Management can monitor several jobs at once and reassign jobs to different devices across the enterprise, which reduces the costs of distributing and shipping transaction documents to multiple locations. The software has received full SAP certification. The certification ensures that Oce Com Works software conforms to the SAP Output Management Interface, which means that it has been tested and verified by SAP as meeting all requirements for SAP R/3 Output Management. Software Architecture Oce Com Works software succeeds Oce PRISMAflow, an intelligent print-management system that processes, distributes and manages multiple printers to ensure the same high-quality output across an enterprise. While Oce PRISMAflow could support only two-to-three networked printing devices, Oce Com Works software is scaleable and can support hundreds of printers across multiple domains in an enterprise. "The versatility of Oce Com Works software allows it to support a few users in a small workstation environment, as well as hundreds of users across an enterprise and across the country,'' said van Deurzen. Oce Com Works software is based on Oce's proven PRISMAnet enterprise printing architecture. This connects different document printing environments into an enterprise-wide network and integrates output devices of different types at various locations into a single, homogeneous design. Based on Oce PRISMAnet, Oce has more than a decade of experience developing and successfully implementing enterprise-wide print management solutions. Oce Com Works software will support all printers running PJL, ASCII, PCL or PostScript. Printer status is retrieved using SNMP depending on the printer. "Oce Com Works'' is a registered trademark of Technologies-Technologies B.V. All other product and company names are trademarks or registered trademarks and are the property of their owners and are respectfully acknowledged. Availability, Pricing and Support Oce Com Works software is available now. The software is priced from $20,000 depending on the configuration purchased. Oce uses a total solutions implementation approach by offering consulting and business services to support Oce Com Works software. Oce Business Services provides consulting to assist in the evaluation of an organizations' printing environment to identify the most appropriate hardware and software products for an efficient document- management system. Additionally, Oce Business Services provide installation, education, support, financial and facilities services to assist customers at every stage of the evaluation and installation process.