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Quad/Graphics Debuts Online Proofing System for Press-Ready Files

Press release from the issuing company

PEWAUKEE, WIS. - Quad/Graphics introduces DBLonline - Digital Blue Line Online - an advanced paperless proofing system for clients to view press-ready files for verifying content, positioning, page order (i.e., cross-over) and versioning. Accessible exclusively through Quad/Graphics' Smart Tools Web site, DBLonline speeds and simplifies the blue-line approval process, making it easier than ever for clients to uphold the best practice of final file verification. "We've put blue-line approvals in a high-speed, digital environment," said Harry V. Quadracci, president and founder of Quad/Graphics. "Our clients can access, review and approve press-ready files at any time, day or night, using today's most universal business tool: the Internet." Because DBLonline is a Web-based system, clients view files in real-time in color. Furthermore, multiple users can review files simultaneously, regardless of their physical (read: geographic) location, making timely, multiple-person authorizations a snap. DBLonline eliminates the time, expense and all-around inconvenience of exchanging blue lines via overnight courier - a standard practice that is increasingly forgone by publishers and catalogers in the quest to save time. "There is no need to send information back and forth via express mail, fax, FTP site, anything," Mr. Quadracci said. "The information exists in real time on our Smart Tools Web site." In this respect, DBLonline supports Quad/Graphics' long-standing initiative to improve quality while reducing cycle time. This initiative, known as "20-20-20," is aimed at reducing the time it takes to produce client jobs from start to finish by 20 percent each year, year after year. "DBLonline is the bridge to 20-20-20 opportunities at Quad/Graphics," said Tom Frankowski, vice president of Imaging Operations. "Not only does our system improve the speed and efficiency of client approvals, it improves the speed and efficiency of getting a job on press and out the door because it's fully integrated with Quad/Graphics' production workflow." DBLonline is a Smart Tool created by Quad/Graphics' Imaging Information Technology professionals. As such, it works in concert with the printer's other information and production management Smart Tools, and eliminates steps in the production process, accelerating throughput. "This is not a standalone way to generate a blue line," said Mr. Frankowski. "DBLonline is a completely integrated Smart Tool." Data from client-approved pages is used to generate plate impositions as well as feed information to Quad/Insight, a sophisticated materials tracking tool, and LoadBoard II, the company's customized equipment scheduling program. Human manipulation - and interpretation - of data is eliminated, as are the associated errors. "There is only one input, one interpretation and one output," Mr. Frankowski said. "We print what the client approves and only what the client approves. It's closed-loop content control." Already, more than 50 Quad/Graphics clients are consistently using DBLonline for production of their publications or catalogs. In order to use DBLonline, users must meet the following requirements, at a minimum: • Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher • Reader/Acrobat 4.0 or higher • 64 MB of RAM • 233 megahertz processor • 17-inch monitor • Connection speed of 756 Kilobytes per second ABOUT QUAD/GRAPHICS Pewaukee, Wis.-based Quad/Graphics (www.qg.com) leads the printing industry in integrating equipment, technology and systems across all operating divisions in all plants for the purpose of reducing cycle times and, ultimately, improving the immediacy of print. This long-standing integration initiative includes a seamless transfer of information from publishers and catalogers directly to Quad/Graphics' facilities. As a result, the company, its employees and clients are better connected, significantly reducing cycle times and improving quality. Quad/Graphics has a network of 15 domestic print-production facilities, as well as international partnerships in Poland, Brazil and Argentina, all connected through secured, high-speed network links. Services range from front-end design and photography through digital imaging/pre-media services, printing, list management, finishing and dependable distribution. As a pioneer in direct-to-cylinder engraving for the gravure process, as well as the first web-offset printer to embrace a 100 percent digital workflow for imaging plates, it has years of accumulated knowledge in advanced digital technology and is adept at transitioning anyone - including both publishers and advertisers - to the digital print-production environment. Constant, rapid growth over the past 30 years - mostly through internal expansion - has resulted in a company with the most modern plants, equipment and capabilities.