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XEROX Selects Teleglobe For Virtual Private Network Data Service

Press release from the issuing company

RESTON, VA., Oct. 2 - Teleglobe, the e-World Communications Company, today announced that it has been selected by Xerox Corporation for the initial installation of a global IPVPN QoS (Internet Protocol, Virtual Private Network, Quality of Service) data network. Xerox will use the network to share large files with various vendors in support of its commercial print partnership program and to distribute key archival client documents for various financial services customers. Terms of the contract were not disclosed. "Teleglobe's IPVPN QoS offering will provide Xerox with twice the bandwidth of a Frame Relay network for half the price," said Arnold Palmer, Teleglobe's vice president of Eastern Region sales. "Our service will allow Xerox the ability to outsource the management of its secure high speed Intranet solutions such as Frame Relay and ATM via an IP routing/switching capability within Teleglobe's core IP network." Teleglobe will install, implement and maintain the digital network at all Xerox sites. In addition, Teleglobe will also provide, install and maintain the CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) for Xerox. "We require a solution that is highly scalable and capable of handling thousands of VPN groups over the same network," said Denys Foley, network services manager at Xerox. "Teleglobe's MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) based IPVPN QoS services will provide Xerox a level of scalability that cannot be achieved through the use of PVC (Permanent Virtual Circuit) based transport services." MPLS is considered the leading-edge label switched technology and is a dynamic tool for defining and controlling traffic flows over large networks. Teleglobe's IPVPN QoS is based on an MPLS architecture that is deployed throughout the IP global backbone. Teleglobe offers three classes of service (CoS) that allow customers to optimize the efficiency of their VPN access. The Gold CoS is representative of the highest priority traffic carried over Teleglobe's IP backbone and is designed for mission critical applications. Silver CoS offers an enhanced level of performance and provides commitments to delay and packet loss. Bronze CoS offers the basic level of performance that customers receive through the IPVPN QoS platform. Xerox will be using all three classes of service that will allow for the selection of a CoS based upon the particular file or application that is transmitted over the network.