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Engage Launches Content Management Solution for Multichannel Marketing

Press release from the issuing company

ANDOVER, Mass.--Sept. 19, 2001--Engage, Inc., a leading enterprise marketing software company and a majority-owned CMGI company, today announced it has enhanced several of its software products and combined them into a single, integrated Content Management Solution for Multichannel Marketing. The new solution is designed to enable marketers, publishers, and their suppliers, such as advertising agencies and printing companies, to streamline the planning and delivery of their multichannel marketing programs. "We've taken the expertise gleaned from building systems for some of the nation's most prominent retailers and publishers and packaged it into a single, easy-to-use content management system, '' said Tony Nuzzo, Engage CEO. "This will help us to rapidly broaden our potential customer base and improve customer satisfaction. Engage is one of the only companies offering marketing-specific content management software that can deliver marketing messages across both print and online channels.'' Engage's new solution for multichannel marketers combines workflow automation and digital asset management software with the capability to deliver marketing programs across both traditional and new media channels. This allows marketers, agencies, and publishers to address the challenges of tighter budgets, shorter delivery timeframes, and proliferating communications channels. By implementing the Engage solution, companies will be better equipped to reduce costs, improve efficiencies, deliver consistent messages across channels, and achieve faster time-to-market. Two of the three products included in the solution - ContentServer and ApprovalServer - are being enhanced for this rollout. The third, PromoManager, was unveiled in July. The following is a description of the three solution elements: * ContentServer 7 is the core component of the Content Management Solution. The updated ContentServer requires minimal customization, providing out-of-the-box capabilities for digital asset management and workflow automation. ContentServer's database technology allows customers to maintain complex relationships between digital assets, making it easier for production departments to collaborate with other departments on the creation and delivery of these assets and to re-purpose them across multiple communication channels. ContentServer also includes workflow automation tools, helping production departments to increase productivity, reduce errors, lower costs, and improve time-to-market. ContentServer integrates easily into an organization's overall business workflow, allowing a marketing department to share plans, schedules, costs, and historical product and campaign performance with the finance, planning, accounting, and merchandising departments. * ApprovalServer 1.2 is a new version of Engage's Internet-based promotion approval software. The system enables a company's employees and vendors to proof, correct, and revise online and offline marketing materials. ApprovalServer makes it possible for clients, partners or advertisers outside a company to access their creative material for approval purposes, thus cutting costs while increasing accuracy. * PromoManager helps marketers deliver dynamic, targeted promotions on their own web site. Through an easy-to-use interface, PromoManager allows marketing departments to manage promotions without technical personnel, thus allowing them to quickly adjust and target promotions. In addition to the Content Management solution announced today, Engage is also unveiling two products it has developed utilizing the basic solution but tailored specifically for the retail and publishing markets. Engage's Retail Industry Solution adds PromoPlanner, the company's software for retail promotion planning, to the basic package. PromoPlanner integrates with business systems to retrieve product information such as SKU numbers, pricing, or historical financial performance by product and promotion. Marketers can use this information to assign specific products to specific promotions and communicate those assignments to the marketing production department. When combined with the broader Content Management Solution, this information, in turn, triggers the workflow component in ContentServer, which then tracks the promotion as it moves through the system. "Engage's ContentServer allows us to a manage hundreds of thousands of digital assets and then combine them with product information to produce promotions across multiple channels,'' said Mark Igo, vice president and general manager of NOVA Marketing, an international marketing firm specializing in retail customers. "Combining Engage's ContentServer with its PromoPlanner software allows our clients to provide merchandise direction for campaigns in a more timely fashion while increasing accuracy, reducing time to market, and maintaining consistent brand images across channels.'' The Engage Newspaper Solution allows publishers to manage ad sales and production workflow, from digital pre-flighting to asset management to online approvals. The solution allows publishers to greatly improve the advertising placement process, slicing overhead, shortening ad submission periods and reducing costly error rates. The publisher solution also includes AdManager 5.5, Engage's Web site advertising management system, which helps publishers to enhance their online revenue potential. "Engage's system brings enormous benefits to both the advertiser and the publisher,'' said Steve Howe, vice president of advertising of The Wall Street Journal. "It gives us the ability to let our advertisers submit, update and approve display ads online, reducing cycle times and associated costs.''o Availability Engage will demonstrate its Content Management Solution for customers, prospects, media and industry analysts at the Seybold San Francisco 2001 Conference, September 24-28. Engage's Content Management Solution for Multichannel Marketing is available immediately. ContentServer 7 is available as a field-ready test version and is expected to be generally available in calendar Q1 2002. ApprovalServer 1.2 and PromoPlanner 1.11 are expected to be available in calendar Q4 2001. PromoManager 1.7 and AdManager 5.5 are currently shipping.