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Heidelberg Augments Workflow Solutions WIth New Versions of MetaDimension

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Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) presents additional modules of its new PDF-based workflow at Print 01 in Chicago. In addition to a new version of the modular MetaDimension 2.5 RIP and workflow software, Heidelberg also unveils new versions of Delta Technology, the SignaStation impositioning software and the JetBase digital data management system. These products give the Heidelberg workflow a new dimension in modularity and functionality. When workflow products combine with the new Prosetter violet platesetters and new, thermal-based Topsetters, meet every need of customers ranging from small quick printers, repro studios and service bureaus to large-scale industrial printshops and publishing houses. By integrating commercial workflows in the production process, Heidelberg is able to achieve networked production. The new Prinance solution enables Heidelberg to meet one of the key challenges facing the graphic arts industry – combining data from the prepress, press and postpress processes with management data. "Open interfaces such as JDF (Job Definition Format) and PPF (Print Production Format) for integrating our software in third-party systems provide the perfect platform for future developments," said Dr. Klaus Spiegel, Member of the Heidelberg Management Board responsible for the Sheetfed Solution Center. "Very few customers are looking for a complete system all at once, however. If customers can pick the individual modules for their specific situation and these can be integrated easily into existing infrastructures, customers will truly have the solution they need. MetaDimension is a portal to the future MetaDimension augments Heidelberg's Prinergy and Delta Technology workflows with a modular PDF- and JDF-based workflow featuring open system architecture for film-, platesetters and proofers, which is the basis for future developments and linkups with output devices. MetaDimension is based on PDF and uses the Adobe Portable Job Ticket Format (PJTF). Postscript (Level 1, Level 2 and 3) and PDF are supported as the standard input formats. The new MetaDimension version 2.5 can import and export screened TIFF/B data (using ICC Color Management) with specified compression factors. The interfaced workflow components can also integrate quickly and easily into third-party systems and output devices. Particularly large businesses with high throughputs will be attracted by the possibility of using MetaDimension as a standalone proofing solution. Since the entire computer performance is available to the imagesetter, simultaneous and parallel proofing and plating operations are possible, ensuring greater throughput with the same proof quality. Since it is now possible to connect new proofers with an excellent price/performance ratio, MetaDimension can be used separately without an imagesetter as a straightforward proof workstation, thus providing a solution for all market segments. MetaDimension supports the new Topsetter and Prosetter series of metal platesetters and can grow in line with users. It supports a comprehensive package of functions ranging from pure RIP with or without InRip trapping, integrated page positioning, OPI (Open Prepress Interface), Color Management, proofing and CIP 3 PPF functionality to open PDF solutions with a whole array of Acrobat plug-ins. Complex impositioning and trapping functions are achieved using Heidelberg SignaStation and SuperTrap/SuperTrap Plus applications, which only a few weeks ago received the GATF InterTech Award. Interfaces to Delta and Prinergy also enable the Prosetters to be integrated into these environments. Delta Technology is the basis for ROOM Delta Technology remains the basis for ROOM workflow (Rip Once Output Many). The exciting new Delta Technology software Version 7.0, only been on the market for a few weeks, comes with a new comprehensive trapping module, the new Java based Calibration Manager and new ICC based In-Rip color management functions. The Calibration Manager can define the entire print process and set individual color parameters for each separation within a complete Job. ICC-based color management enables defined matching to any print color spaces. The proof gives the closest possible rendition to the final print result in all aspects including the paper white. Process conversions of RGB and CMYK images and illustrations are now possible and greatly increase the convenience and performance of the software. The new Delta Trapper with its outstanding quality, high productivity and new zone trapping functionality is another exciting development. The ability to export Delta lists with DeltaFlow provides a linkup to MetaDimension, ensures users can benefit from future developments. New SignaStation now available for the Mac The SignaStation Version 7.0 and SignaPack packaging software are now available for the Macintosh greatly extending the range of solutions available to the graphic arts industry. The SignaStation imposes PostScript, PDF and Delta lists, while SignaPack has special features to generate automatically or interactively complete sheets for packaging and label printing. Printshops and service providers will warmly welcome its ability to process complete sheets for output to filmsetters and platesetters and the benefits offered by this highly convenient software solution for imposition work. End-to-end support of the CIP 3 print production format cuts expensive setup times and costs in both press and postpress. The SignaStation is the only application available supporting CIP 3 for Autoregister in press and for folding machines. In future, the JDF extension will generate even more production benefits. The new Version 7.0 makes handling different document versions far user-friendlier, e.g. by coloring the background for assembly work. A further highlight of the new version is the improved preview function. The SignaStation and SignaPack software packages can generate color previews in "separated" workflows. This facilitates the work process and is particularly useful for editing clipping paths in packaging printing applications. The new version simplifies the whole operating process. All signatures and pages, for example, can now be selected from browsers at the click of a button, automatic clipping can be set and all document information retrieved. SignaStation can run in conjunction with every PostScript-compatible RIP. It generates job tickets for job-ticket-based workflows such as Prinergy and MetaDimension and can also impose Delta lists in conjunction with Delta Technology. From Version 7.0 onwards, it also supports the import of templates from preps. SuperTrap Plus and SignaPack packaging solution Heidelberg's folding-box and label production solution consists of SignaPack , SuperTrap Plus and MetaDimension. These two workflow modules fulfill the particular needs of packaging printing using standard PDF workflows. SignaPack uses CAD data and Step & Repeat functions with permanent, high-resolution visual control. Composite previews can generate in "separated" workflows. It supports PJTF and CIP 3 PPF, ensuring short make-ready times, while integration of a JDF connection is planned. SuperTrap Plus is the first and only Acrobat plug-in for trapping native PDF data. The particular needs of the packaging sector such as processing varnished objects, mitered corners and 3-color joints are generated with full visual control. JetBase – asset management, digital services and Internet workflow The modular JetBase software package uses job-specific production data management, automatic archive management and automatic data security functions to deliver the core building blocks needed to ensure smooth, internal data organization. This solid infrastructure serves as a basis for a whole range of media services and Internet / Wide Area Network (WAN) production workflows which can greatly enhance the performance spectrum of media companies and the speed of external production workflows. Visitors to Print 01 will see the new JetBase clients in the new MacOS X and Windows 2000-compatible formats as part of Version 4.1. Particular emphasis will be on seamless integration with the Prinance finance and business management system and the Prinergy workflow solution. By communicating job-specific meta data between the three systems, job setups can be fully automated and errors avoided. The new features of JetBase 4.1 with its optimized user interface (identical for Mac and PC) include an extended range of services that JetBase providers can offer to their customers and partners. These enable customers and partners to manage their data and data structures entirely independently via the Internet or a WAN, to define keywords or to perform updates via uploads. Further innovations of Version 4.1 include a greater range of functions for PDF documents. These include full text searches in documents and reuse of included images using a Drag & Drop function. Archiving procedures have also been greatly accelerated.