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Equator Chip Powers Up Xerox DocuColor 2060 and DocuColor iGen3

Press release from the issuing company

CAMPBELL, Calif. Sept. 4, 2001-- Equator Technologies Inc., the leading provider of comprehensive, broadband digital communications and media processing engines and systems, announced that Xerox Corporation will be using Equator's MAP-CA(TM) Broadband Signal Processor(TM) (BSP)(TM) chip in its Color DocuSP family of print controllers for the DocuColor 2060 and DocuColor iGen3 color digital presses. The MAP-CA chip will provide the additional power needed to process complicated data associated with high-quality color imaging. Equator's leading-edge technology is paving the way for advanced digital imaging applications, making faster, higher quality, color printers accessible to the marketplace. Furthermore, the agreement strengthens Equator's position in the digital imaging market, and reinforces Xerox's leadership in color printing. The Color DocuSP systems will be shown at Print'01 as a technology demo with the DocuColor 2060 and DocuColor iGen3 digital presses. For Color DocuSP, Xerox is using the Equator MAP-CA processors to bring its customers the same productivity, document features and high image quality in color, that they have come to expect from the company's monochrome products. Equator's software-programmable chip will allow Xerox to grow the feature set of its initial color hardware, through simple software releases, while preserving and increasing the value of its customers' investment in Color DocuSP. Xerox will use Equator's chip, which delivers 30 GOPs (Billion Operations per Second) of processing power, to handle the increased demand for high-quality, color images. The typical pages produced by the new Xerox presses each require one billion bytes of digital data to deliver a full color page, with finely defined images and a wide spectrum of colors and tints. With Equator's MAP-CA engine, Xerox's new production color systems will generate and handle 50 times as much data per page as its black and white products. "Digital imaging is one of Equator's strategic target markets and we are very proud that an important player in this space like Xerox, has selected our chip for its family of print controllers to power its new line of products,'' said Dr. Avi Katz, president and CEO, EquatorTechnologies. "By creating such a powerful, software-programmable, digital signal, we are supporting our customers' efforts to achieve a faster time-to-market while enabling them to provide leading edge imaging solutions that surpass what is currently available on the market. Equator's success in positioning its MAP-CA BSP chip as the engine of choice for interactive video and image processing is clear proof of the advantages and benefits that our products bring to customers.'' About Equator's MAP-CA Digital Signal Processor The BSP MAP-CA digital signal processor delivers 30 GOPs (Billion Operations per Second) of processing power, offering more than ten times the performance of other available solutions. The highly integrated, system-on-a chip solution delivers core functions through software rather than dedicated hardware and is designed for high-performance, video-intense broadband applications. By using software downloads to update the functionality of products, even after they are launched and in the field, the life cycle of the equipment can be greatly extended, enabling companies to decrease their time-to-market and their time-to-revenue with new broadband services and devices. The programmable chip allows service providers to offer more services and more functionality, such as time shifting, video conferencing, broadcast media security, video security, VOD, DVD playback, and per viewer advertising.