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Ultimate Technographics Support and Training Gets Live & Interactive over Net

Press release from the issuing company

Montreal, Canada, September 4th, 2001 - Ultimate Technographics, the renowned inventor of digital imposition, is proud to announce that customer service and technical support are now available "live" and interactive through standard web browsers. Using patented technology from WebEx Communications, Inc. the leader in real-time, interactive multimedia communications services, Ultimate is now able to share applications through standard web browsers without compromising network security or firewalls. This technology is analogous to telephone switching systems and enables true real-time interactive communication sessions that combine voice, data and video. "This cutting edge technology now allows Ultimate to demonstrate software live over the Internet, and react in real-time to requests for demonstration of specific product features." says Pierre Ferland, Director of Sales and Channel Development at Ultimate. "It also enables us to assist our users and dealers with technical support and training requirements in their specific environment, anywhere on the planet, without having to travel." "We were impressed with Ultimate's ability to demonstrate their software with our own files live over the Internet." says Randall Williams, editor-in chief at NewSouth Books in Alabama. "Within minutes we were able to understand how the software works, and to decide if this was the right solution for us, without having to download demo software and learn how to use it." "We have been offering support services from our web site since February 2001, and we intend to remain ahead of the pack when it comes to supporting our users and dealers." says Robert Dumas, Director of Product Management. "Aside from the benefit as a quick start training and demo tool, this technology allows us to troubleshoot technical issues much more efficiently than simply using the phone or e-mail. We can observe what the user is doing through secure application sharing, or even take control of the user’s application enabling true interactive support." This service will be an integral part of Ultimate’s technical support systems at no extra cost to customers with Current Support Plans, and will be offered for a small fee for remote training. The interactive training and support with WebEx complements the series of on-line tools offered on www.ultimate-tech.com. Ultimate’s successful implementation of its New web site launched last February gives users the ability to download the latest updates and upgrade versions of all software using their browser. With personnel or fully trained Master Dealers in North America, Europe and Asia, Ultimate’s technical support is available around the clock. Ultimate’s web site offers complete on-line services such as software purchasing and registration, access to the knowledge data base, and updated documentation on workflow applications, fixes and workarounds. A second phase of the web site implementation is in development and will soon offer new customer services focusing on quality control, interactive tutorials, a new improved help desk with direct access to the technical support log database. About WebEx Communications, Inc. Headquartered in San Jose, California, WebEx Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: WEBX) is the leader in real-time communications infrastructure for business meetings on the Web. WebEx provides Web-based carrier-class communication services that integrate voice, video and data to enable true interaction and collaboration, across geographies and platforms. These services are based on WebEx's multimedia switching platform and are deployed over a global network With its modular framework and standards-based APIs, WebEx's real-time communications platform is the "dial-tone" for meetings on the Web.