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Pitney Bowes Launches PBMS Arrival for Facility Managements

Press release from the issuing company

STAMFORD, Conn.,- Pitney Bowes Inc. (NYSE: PBI) today launches an exclusive and specially tailored version of its successful Arrival Tracking System for customers of Pitney Bowes Management Services. With PBMS Arrival, PBMS mailroom managers can access direct information about the status of incoming mail and parcels in real-time, and provide on-demand accountability for packages in the incoming mail chain. In addition to increasing productivity when logging incoming mail, the PBMS Arrival solution provides an added measure of security by helping track incoming deliveries and centralizing the delivery process. "We recognize that PBMS Arrival will provide productivity to our clients by decreasing the time spent logging incoming packages - in some instances up to 50%," stated Karen Garrison, president, Pitney Bowes Management Services. "In addition, PBMS Arrival centralizes the delivery process and eliminates the presence of unwanted and uncontrolled outside packages and courier employees from wandering the facilities. This added security is a major benefit in today's changing business and political climate." The PBMS version of Arrival leverages the same successful platform, but adds additional reporting functionality and features that are specifically tailored for PBMS. Mail center managers employ Tracking Assistants, hand held data collection devices that automate the signature capture and manifest process. This results in less time needed for manual entry and more complete online records. With PBMS Arrival, a PBMS mailcenter manager can cost effectively produce more thorough and complete accountability and better trace performance against their vendor/client service level agreements. As an "out-of-the-box" solution, PBMS Arrival can be configured to the needs of the client and implemented faster and more cost effectively than custom or one-off solutions. With PBMS Arrival, clients can: * Reduce the time spent waiting for information regarding the delivery status of packages. This information is available immediately. * Reduce the time spent locating misplaced packages. * Overall provides better control of receipt and delivery of incoming accountable mail and parcels. Because virtually all packages and parcels are delivered through the mail center or receiving door, centralizing the package delivery process can be an important step in securing the business environment. PBMS Arrival is one more tool that Pitney Bowes Management Services offers in helping its clients develop a secure and integrated mail and document management environment. PBMS Arrival is flexible to meet the needs of both large and small organizations, with single or multiple sites. For instance, PBMS Arrival can be customized for multiple mailrooms in a single location, or networked throughout an enterprise with several workstations that feed information into a single database.