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Corbis Announces New Ways to Distribute and Track Digital Images

Press release from the issuing company

SEATTLE--Sept. 25, 2001-- Corbis, the world's leading provider of photography and fine art under a single brand, today announced three new business arrangements that significantly expand the way creative professional clients, consumers and photographers use and track images: Corbis announced an agreement to supply images to wireless portal site Versaly Games, the availability of Digimarc's new Image Bridge product to more easily track image histories, and the expansion of its WAM!NET partnership for creative clients. The news was announced at the Seybold Show in San Francisco this week. Digital Images in the Wireless World Through a partnership with mobile entertainment service Versaly Games, Corbis will provide digital images from its extensive collection for use in the wireless world. Versaly offers a variety of services to wireless providers, who in turn can offer them as value-added services to their subscribers. Wireless customers with this service will be able to view and send images via their wireless phones. "The Versaly partnership -- coupled with our GignoSystem partnership in Japan -- represents a concrete example of how Corbis is striving to find and open innovative new channels to license images,'' said Mark Sherman, Corbis' vice president of business development. "These partnerships benefit not only Corbis, but also our photographers by providing fresh venues for their work and individual consumers by giving them new ways to access and use digital images.'' Earlier this year, Corbis announced a similar deal in Japan with GignoSystem to offer Japanese mobile phone users the ability to customize their phones with an exclusive selection of Corbis images via DoCoMo's "I-mode'' wireless service. Since its launch in July, the Corbis wireless site has generated approximately 24,000 subscribers in Japan, and those numbers continue to grow. Corbis today announced a broader reach for this site, which is now also available to subscribers of KDDI's "EZ Web'' wireless service in Japan. Digital Image Information at Fingertips Corbis also announced the availability of a new watermarking technology by Digimarc called ImageBridge that turns any Corbis digital image into an "active image'' bearing information about rights, restrictions and sources, as well as providing links and contact information back to Corbis. Creative professional clients who download the free software from Digimarc (www.digimarc.com/downloads.htm) can immediately check the content owner information and restrictions on the image they are viewing with a simple click of the mouse. This new technology allows the image licensee to quickly and easily ensure compliance with image rights while allowing Corbis the means to track use of photographers' images more efficiently. Corbis and WAM!NET Now Offer Single CD Titles Also at Seybold, Corbis and WAM!NET (www.wamnet.com), a global provider of digital content hosting and distribution services, expanded the company's online image delivery and archive solution to allow subscriptions to individual Corbis royalty free CD titles. Leveraging WAM!NET's global managed network and data storage services, which are optimized for sharing, storing and managing content among multiple users, locations or organizations, Corbis' complete royalty-free image collections already are available on an online, subscription basis. Now, corporations, publishers, agencies and creative professionals are able to purchase individual royalty-free images, irrespective of category or collection, and seamlessly share, store and manage those images via WAM!NET's network. "Our goal remains to provide the content and the tools that our clients and photographers need to move to an all digital workflow,'' said Sherman. "Our WAM!NET and Digmarc partnerships clearly enhance our content offering and allow us to offer the extended solutions necessary to achieve this.'' BizPresenter(TM) Announces Image of the Year Also at Seybold, executives from Corbis' BizPresenter division celebrated its one-year anniversary by unveiling the top business image of the past year. Businessman Looking Out to Sea was named as "Image of the Year'' based on frequency of sales at Corbis BizPresenter (www.bizpresenter.com), the image's ability to impact, and its representation of a larger metaphorical trend in business communications. To directly access this image, visit www.bizpresenter.com and type in the following media code under "Keyword search'': CB012361. "Communication in business today requires innovative use of imagery to inspire audiences and tell the real story,'' said Art Muldoon, vice president, Corbis Business Communicator. "When we launched BizPresenter one year ago, we set out to provide business communicators with the visual tools they can use to enhance their communications and elevate them to a more professional level.''