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On Eve of Key Financing, WAM!NET Plans to Highlight Products at PRINT 01

Press release from the issuing company

8/14/01 - WAM!NET, a provider of global information technology and digital media solutions, will be demonstrating its full range of digital networking, data storage and hosting print production services at Print '01. Designed to help customers achieve secure, seamless connectivity between their entire supply chains within a fully digital workflow, WAM!NET services revolutionise the way they produce, distribute and manage content, while reducing costs, increasing reliability, speeding time-to-market and creating new revenue opportunities. WAM!NET's Graphics Art solution is a performance-based digital networking service offering the fastest, most reliable, and most affordable way to digitally connect to the Graphic Arts industry. With a click of the mouse, WAM!NET customers can reliably transport, store and collaborate on digital production projects in near real time compared with local messengers and overnight couriers. In addition, the WAM!NET service is exponentially more affordable and scaleable than any other type of high-performance digital connection. WAM!NET Network Services: WAM!NET enables customers to efficiently collaborate online and share large digital files, shortening production cycles and reducing costs. The company provides three levels of network services. WAM!NET Direct! Service is the company's fastest, most secure and reliable network service, supporting both still and motion-based media. WAM!NET ISDN Connect Service provides customers with secure, predictable connectivity to the WAM!NET private network via an ISDN dial-up connection. The WAM!NET Internet Gateway Service combines the simplicity of Internet access with the security of WAM!NET's private network, allowing industry partners to exchange data files over the Internet in a more predictable, secure and trackable fashion. Storage Services: WAM!NET delivers an expanded portfolio of storage services that help customers efficiently manage data throughout the workflow, from content creation to the final production and management of digital assets. Available on an outsourced, subscription basis, WAM!NET's storage services are accessible via the company's privately-managed, IP-based network or a secure Internet connection through WAMNET.COM. The company's storage services include WAM!NET Work Space, an online, accessible disk drive for works in progress, and WAM!BASE Archive Service, a centralised, off-site management and storage service for completed projects. Both services offer a range of storage capacity levels to meet customers' unique media production and distribution, and digital asset management requirements. Hosted Workflow Applications: Hosted applications embedded in WAM!NET Services enhance digital collaboration and improve workflow efficiency. Tools include electronic job tickets, which provide critical information about each digital flle shipment, and WAM!NET InfoCenter, a service that allows customers to manage their WAM!NET distribution online. Other hosted industry applications and tools include the WAM!PROOF Remote Proofing Service, a service that enables clients and their creative teams to output and review hard copy proofs from any PostScript device.