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Extensis Expands Preflight Online to Include EPS File Format Support

Press release from the issuing company

PORTLAND, Ore.- Aug. 9, 2001--Extensis has released an upgrade to Preflight Online, the company's patent-pending online preflight service, which adds support for standalone EPS files. The upgrade, free to all current subscribers of Preflight Online, will primarily benefit print service providers who handle illustration, packaging and other print projects that involve the heavy use of EPS. With Preflight Online, all illustration work saved in EPS format can now be automatically and remotely checked for color mode, font usage, image resolution and other attributes. The program also can accurately report on images that are "nested'' within EPS files. In addition, the updated online preflighting service can collect all the fonts and linked images used in EPS files and prepare them for submission. File collection, compression and FTP transmission are all included in the Preflight Online subscription service. The new EPS features became available immediately to all Preflight Online subscribers this week, at no additional charge. As with all of Preflight Online's services, the processing of EPS jobs is performed within the web browser environment, without the need for desktop software. "Customers become passionate about Preflight Online when they begin to recognize the return on investment, and they want it to support more of the files they use every day,'' said Product Manager Joseph Schorr. "Allowing users to inspect any EPS files created in Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia FreeHand, CorelDraw, or any other application makes Preflight Online an even more powerful tool for print and publishing workflows.'' Extensis expanded Preflight Online to include the popular EPS file format in response to strong customer demand and as part of a corporate mission to continue broadening the range of file types supported by the service on an ongoing basis. In addition to EPS, Preflight Online currently supports QuarkXPress, Quark Passport, and Acrobat PDF files. Since its launch as a commercial service supporting PDF workflows in 2000, Preflight Online has been incorporated into customer Web sites in both North America and Europe. Current customers include AP AdSEND, the digital advertising delivery service of The Associated Press; and full-service printers such as Courier Corporation, Sells Printing, and Continental Web Press. Government agencies such as the US Geological Survey (USGS) and the State of Oregon have also begun using the service to insure quality control on printed documents.