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Leading CAD Publications Recognize Oce Technical Document Software, Hardware

Press release from the issuing company

July 24, 2001, Chicago - Oce-USA, Inc. (NASDAQ: OCENY), a global leader in digital document management and delivery technology, announced that CADENCE magazine named Oce Engineering Exec 3.0 software a winner of its prestigious 2001 Editors' Choice awards, published in its July issue. In addition, the publication recognized the software with an A/E/C Systems 2001 Show Stopper Award. And CADALYST magazine named the new Oce Technical Document System (TDS) series as an A/E/C Systems 2001 Best of Show award winner. CADENCE Praises Oce Engineering Exec Software As a winner of the Editors' Choice award, Oce Engineering Exec 3.0 software was cited by CADENCE for innovation, creativity, simplicity and ease of use, as well as its advancement of the computer-aided design (CAD) industry. Oce Engineering Exec software enables users in industries such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, engineering, construction, telecommunications, government and utilities to archive, control, manage and distribute small-and wide-format documents. Due to its scalability and modular architecture, the software allows any organization, small to large, to maximize printing productivity and distribute technical documentation to any printing system, even via the Internet. Oce and all Editors' Choice award-winners can be found on the CADENCE Web site at: http://www.cadenceweb.com/2001/0701/issuefocus0701.html. After a thorough review of software and hardware products and service providers, editors recognized Oce for the advanced technological innovation of its Engineering Exec 3.0 software. The CADENCE Editors' Choice awards recognize technology leaders in the CAD industry. "We are honored that CADENCE chose Oce Engineering Exec 3.0 software as an Editors' Choice Award and A/E/C Systems Show Stopper award-winner," said Joyce Virnich, vice-president, marketing, for the Oce Wide Format Printing Systems business unit. "It's exciting that editors who clearly are on top of the latest advances in the CAD market recognize our product as innovative." Oce Engineering Exec 3.0 software received one of only 10 Show Stopper Awards presented by CADENCE during A/E/C Systems 2001, a top trade show for the architecture, engineering and construction industries held in Chicago, June 18-21. The software enables architects, contractors, reprographers and others involved in the design and construction industry to easily print drawings directly from the Internet. According to CADENCE, Oce Engineering Exec software is a product that exemplifies innovation, creativity, simplicity and ease of use, and helps to advance the CAD industry by introducing new capabilities to the market or brings existing products to a new level of efficiency. A complete list of 2001 CADENCE Show Stoppers can be found at http://www.cadenceweb.com/news/archive/aecshowstopper2001.html. CADENCE magazine is the world's largest independent CAD publication, and its editors are watching continuously for technology leaders to help lead the industry forward. Twice each year, in the July and December issues, CADENCE staff editors, contributing editors and reviewers choose Editors' Choice Award winners from among the CAD-related products and services that have done the most to advance technological innovation over the prior six months. Oce TDS Series Earns Best of Show Award from CADALYST The Oce TDS series, a product line that allows companies that design, build or manufacture to print and scan large-format engineering drawings and technical specifications to any location worldwide using internal networks or the Internet, was selected by CADALYST magazine as one of nine outstanding Best of Show CAD offerings represented at A/E/C Systems 2001. The Oce TDS series of monochrome LED wide-format printers, scanners and Oce Power Logic controller were lauded for features that appeal to all levels of users. The concept of the Oce TDS Series blends a number of patented Oce technologies to create a consistent range of products providing digital copying, printing, scanning and distribution of wide-format black and white technical documents. The series - including the Oce TDS400, Oce TDS600 and Oce TDS800 systems - provides a level of uniformity in applications and interfaces that has not been available until now. "Oce is focused on the technical document market like nobody else," said Joyce Virnich, vice president of marketing for Oce Wide Format Printing Systems. "Our goal is to help companies achieve huge productivity gains, and these awards affirm that our products are making a difference within the architecture, engineering and construction markets." According to CADALYST, "The Oce TDS400 printer offers 600dpi resolution for an attractive price, and the Oce TDS600 is designed for workgroup printing needs. The Oce TDS800 delivers an impressive 25 percent increase in speed over its predecessor." CADALYST magazine selected nine Best of Show products for CAD/CAM/CAE users at the A/E/C SYSTEMS 2001 show in Chicago. CADALYST editors reviewed the many new and outstanding hardware, software and online offerings on display at the show and bestowed Best of Show awards on products destined to change the way designers and engineers work.