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Feature-Laden Kodak Professional DCS 720x Digital Camera Delivers Action

Press release from the issuing company

ROCHESTER, N.Y., June 4 -- Professional photographers can tackle the most challenging action, variable-condition, and low-light photography situations with confidence using the new Kodak Professional DCS 720x digital camera. The DCS 720x combines the highest ISO settings available 400 to 6400 (calibrated to 4000), with two-stop push for exposures at up to 25600 with a variety of functional improvements to enhance and simplify even the most critical, high-pressure forms of in-the-field photography. The 2-megapixel DCS 720x offers significant technological advantages over its predecessor, the versatile DCS 620x. These advantages owe primarily to Kodak's fifth-generation professional digital camera architecture, improved bright LCD display with histogram, and other imaging capabilities first introduced in the new DCS Pro Back and DCS 760 cameras. Based upon the rugged Nikon F5 camera body, the DCS 720x features a faster burst rate 4.3 fps and a greater burst depth 25 images. Shutter response speed has been improved so it now rivals that of conventional film cameras. Kodak Professional's newest camera comes with numerous other enhancements that make it easier to use in the field. "The DCS 720x gives the professional photographer a clear advantage when the conditions are challenging and the windows of opportunity to get the shot are small," said Madhav Mehra, Worldwide Director, Digital Capture Product Development, Kodak Professional. "If you're shooting fast-action or low-light situations such as military and law enforcement applications, sports and action, and spot news events this is the ideal camera to get the scoop, and not to be scooped by others. Serious photographers can rely on the DCS 720x for excellent image quality, fast response and expandability. And we think they'll find the price very appealing." The DCS 720x is yet another world-class demonstration of how Kodak both influences and participates in infoimaging the $225 billion industry created by the convergence of image science and information technology to create new opportunities. Infoimaging describes images enabled by technology, improving communication and commerce, and creating significant new revenue and market opportunities for businesses. Key to the DCS 720x are Kodak's improved, proprietary indium tin oxide (ITO) full-frame CCD, color filter array (CFA) pattern, and low-noise electronics including a new software noise-reduction filter. The CFA delivers unsurpassed spectral response to produce exceptional picture quality at extremely high ISO ranges. The DCS 720x, built on the Nikon F5 platform, retains all the durability, functionality and lens compatibility of that acclaimed single-lens-reflex camera. Photographers will especially appreciate Kodak's "Picture Protection" a unique package of complementary features including post-shot exposure compensation, white balance corrections and file recovery to ensure the viability of the image file. Plus, photographers can customize the DCS 720x with an IR blocking filter, removable anti-aliasing filter, IPTC captioning, white balance uploading, and a wide choice of storage options. Direct e-mail image transmission over web-enabled cellular phones will become available as an upgrade later this year Other Innovative Features * Rapid auto-save-to-laptop feature enables wireless Ethernet connection * On-the-spot exposure accuracy verification via patented on-board histogram * Full lightweight cast magnesium alloy body ensures high durability for field use * Calibrated color response and TTL auto color balance adjust image color to match light source * 36-bit color (12 bits per channel) for capturing color and detail in shadows and highlights * Intervalometer enables automated capture over timed intervals for remote applications * Kodak Professional DCS Camera Manager, a new software application for controlling the DCS 720x (and Kodak's other IEEE 1394-equipped cameras) from a computer * An enhanced version of Kodak Professional DCS Photo Desk, a powerful yet easy-to-use software application for image browsing, management and enhancement * Open Application Programmer Interface (API) lets third-party developers write their own custom software applications * Color liquid crystal display (LCD) provides improved contrast, increased viewing angle * IEEE 1394 interface provides "wicked fast" and reliable transfer of images (three images per second across FireWire) * Voice annotation to document specific shots with "audio notebook" * Dual PC card storage interface offers storage flexibility * Internal file storage of up to 10GB * Onboard JPEG compression with multiple levels of resolution and compression * Universal AC cable kit with five international power cords and auto-adapter * New NiMH batteries for extended battery life (removable for easy transport / recharge) Inside, the new camera builds on the latest DCS series firmware and software upgrades that enable dual memory card slots, GPS data recording and laptop-free image transmission via cellular phones. The Kodak Professional DCS 720x digital camera will be available in late July from authorized dealers of Kodak Professional DCS digital cameras. Pricing will be available in late June. More information on the camera is available online at www.kodak.com/go/dcs720x.