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Imation Announces Availability of Verifi Accurate Web Color in European Markets

Press release from the issuing company

OAKDALE, Minn. (June 5, 2001) - Imation Corp. (NYSE: IMN) today announced the commercial availability of Imation Verifi(tm) Accurate Web Color in the European markets. Verifi Accurate Web Color delivers color corrected images, based on the unique differences inherent in an individual monitor, to online shoppers of Web sites enabled with the Verifi technology. The Verifi system, which allows the software to be integrated into a client's existing Web architecture, is marketed to e-retailing businesses, such as automotive, cosmetics, fashion and home decor, where color accuracy plays a critical role in the purchasing decision. "Imation Verifi technology is a compelling example of the value of color in the Information Age and a significant milestone in our strategy of leveraging Imation's expertise in the graphic arts industry into new markets where color is critical. An easy-to-use tool that delivers exceptional color accuracy, Verifi Accurate Web Color will fundamentally change the relationship between online shoppers and the Web," said Roland Sandner, European Sales and Marketing Manager for Imation Verifi technology. "Their loyalty will be expressed in both return visits and higher sales conversion rates." According to a 2000 BizRate.com custom report commissioned by Imation, e-commerce businesses may lose customers if they can't assure color confidence on their web sites. Online color is an e-commerce problem because no two computer monitors display color alike. Based on Imation's industry-proven color profiling technology and global leadership in color management and color proofing, the Verifi system enables business and consumer end-users to quickly and easily achieve accurate color on their monitors. Verifi technology offers online shoppers a free and easy way to ensure that the color they see on their monitor is the accurate color of the image the e-retailer intended to display. After online shoppers complete a two-minute color-characterization process that confirms how their monitor displays color, the online shoppers are served unique images that compensate for the inherent bias in their computer's display system. Online shoppers are required to complete the color-characterization process with Verifi technology only one time to support any retailer e-commerce site enabled by Verifi technology. Each time a user selects a site enabled by Verifi Accurate Web Color, the Verifi system takes into account the unique profile of the individual monitor, which is stored on a cookie in their computer, and dynamically modifies and serves a color-corrected image specific to that display system. "Verifi technology is far more exact than systems that preprocess images to modify color by using a rough average derived from data collected from a large population base," said Dave Veilleux, director, marketing and business development, Imation Internet Technology. "Images modified with Verifi technology are processed 'on the fly' to serve an image optimized for a user's individual monitor." Verifi Accurate Web Color carries no risk of security problems and viruses because it requires no browser plug-ins or downloadable applications. Verifi technology users do not compromise privacy because they are not asked to log in, select a password or become members in any way. The Verifi software application resides on an image server at the client's e-commerce site of choice and can be easily incorporated into an organization's existing Web architecture without the need to create new business practices or surrender possession of their images to a third party. Until Verifi technology was launched, e-commerce sites have had to choose between offering accurate color and a range of imaging technologies because the solutions of various vendors were not compatible. Verifi technology's modular architecture makes integration possible, allowing e-commerce site owners to offer multiple imaging capabilities.