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Increased Efficiencies are a Top Priority at GUTENBERG FESTIVAL 2001

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RESTON, VA - West Coast printers seeking to increase production and efficiencies can view the newest solutions at GUTENBERG FESTIVAL 2001, May 17-19 in Long Beach, California. Exhibitors will be showcasing the latest, cutting edge equipment and technologies to provide attendees with everything they need to make their printing business as efficient and cost effective as possible. The following is a glimpse of the new products that will be highlighted at GUTENBERG FESTIVAL 2001. INKS & COATINGS Dampening System Cuts Waste by 50% Varn Products Company Inc. (Oakland, N.J.) will display its Kompac Automatic Dampening System. Providing printers with a 50% reduction in waste, the Kompac system is a complete replacement dampener installed on a press after the original dampener is removed and stored. "Our dampening system is designed to give a printer a sellable sheet by the fifth sheet. Other presses may have 100 non-usable sheets before there is a sellable sheet," reports Sean Gilmore, marketing coordinator of Varn Industries. "With our product, we guarantee you will cut costs in half." The dampening technology along with Varn’s Pressroom Chemistry guarantees waste reduction, improves print quality and eliminates the need for isopropyl alcohol. Thermographers Can Maximize Energy and Increase Productivity Sunraise Inc. (Lexington, MI) will be exhibiting its HP series Thermographers with Energy Smart Heat Zone Control. The HP series Thermographers offer performance features that maximize energy savings with increased productivity in business stationary production setting. By providing thermography, the HP series uses far less power than the previous generation of Sunraise machinery. The line includes standard 12", 15" and 20" formats, as well as the world’s only Special Edition Machinery for producing thermo on stocks in a 30" and 40" wide format. New UV Blankets Gans Ink & Supply Company (Los Angeles, CA) will be featuring "The Edge" compressible blankets. The Edge features enhanced ink-carrying ability for maximum saturation with virtually no additional dot gain. The new Rave UV blanket will also be introduced, designed to resist swelling and embossing for UV inks. Gans will also highlight its complete line of sheetfed litho-inks, including the Bengal system of Pantone and process inks. Designed for high-speed presses with a view to today’s small format presses, the Bengal system provides superior water resistance, extended stay-open, and quick set speeds. This system also provides good blanket and rollers stability and low misting. It is compatible with UV and aqueous coating, foil stamping and imprinting and is also laser compatible on coated stocks. PRESSES GUTENBERG FESTIVAL 2001 attendees will notice that new printing presses and accessories are quicker, easier to use, and more efficient. With the market’s demand changing and the need for quicker efficiencies, OEM’s and manufacturers have responded with some of the fastest, most accurate presses. Easy and Fast Press Control Mitsubishi Lithographic Presses (Torrance, CA) will feature its Model 1F15-28" (20" x 28") multi color sheetfed press equipped with tower coater, extended delivery, pressure preset controls, remote sheet sizing, remote frontlay adjustment and Mitsubishi Delta‚, multi-mode 3-position dampening system, with operating speeds up to 15,000 iph. "The press is equipped with Diamond III, which incorporates CIP3 capability with all prepress manufacturers to control 3 key elements: Press Link, Job Link and Color Link," states Victoria Moore, marketing manager for Mitsubishi Lithographic Presses. The 1F15-28’s Press Link provides the operator with fast and easy control of color sequence, dampening control and all major press functions. Its "Job Link" gives the operator management data for controlling cost and making estimates and building a database of pressroom data. Finally, the 1F15-28’s Color Link allows the operator to gather ink key data and preset color quickly and accurately. New Color Sheetfed Offset Press Offers Twice the Productivity of European Presses Sakurai USA, Inc. (Schaumburg, IL) will introduce the popular Oliver 458EII/EPII Series Four-Color Sheetfed Offset Press. Available in either Straight or Perfecting, the press has been designed for the U.S. print market with a 4-up 8-1/2" x 11" sheet size and a maximum sheet size of 18-1/8" x 22-3/4". The machine is fully automated and includes a Sakurai Color Console. Most importantly, the 458EII/EPII offers twice the productivity of similar priced European sized 14" x 20", 52cm presses. Most 14" x 20" presses would need to run over 26,000 iph in order to match the productivity of the 458EII/EPII. Standard on the 458EII/EPII are labor efficient features such as a Vacuum FeedBoard, capable of sheet sizes from 4" x 6" post cards to 18-1/8" x 22-3/4" sheet. The 458EII/EPII offers users Sakurai’s Patented Automatic Plate Changers (SPC), which require NO tail edge bending. Conventional, CTP, two-sided, or polyester plates can easily be mounted and re-used. Quick Changes Increase Production At GUTENBERG FESTIVAL 2001, Halm Industries Co., Inc. (Santa Ana, CA) will feature its EM5315 4-color process perfecting press, capable of printing four over one at the speed of 30,000 envelopes per hour. The EM5315 feeds sheet size 9" x 15 3/4" and perfects up to 9" x 15". The microprocessor motor control has one main control with state of the art computer interface operation, allowing for quick set up and job changes. The EM5315 also includes standard chillers and an integrated cold UV system. Increased Print Quality with Ease of Operation MAN Roland’s (Westmont, IL) new compact Roland 200 will be seen for the first time in the Western U.S. at GUTENBERG FESTIVAL 2001. The 13,000 sph R200 20" x 29" format press offers users increased print quality with ease of operation. Available in compact 2/0 and 4/0 configurations, 115 and 170 square feet respectively, the press handles a wide range of stocks, "bible" paper to 0.032-inch board and foil. Totally redesigned from its predecessor, the Roland 200 can be called upon for two- and four-color printing of high quality catalog commercial printers and forms printing by in-plant printing departments. Designed to meet the needs of the rapidly growing number of printers entering the four-color market, the Roland 200 can also be used as a supplement for larger press equipment. Offering fast setup and easy runability, the Roland 200 is designed with a small "footprint" to fit even the most demanding floor space requirements. Productivity features include an integrated delivery operator console for viewing the job and quickly making inking adjustments, all without moving from the delivery of the press. Computer-to-Plate System Offers an Affordable Digital Solution and Eliminates High Cost The B452A-I/DPX Digital Color Printing System is Hamada of America’s (Brea, CA) new Landscape 14" x 20", 4-Color offset press. It uses offset technology based on high quality, conventional ink and PMS colors, and conventional polyester or metal plates. It features heavy duty construction, 10,000 iph speed, easy plate setter, and blanket wash standard for high quality, full color printing for quick turn around capability. B452A-I has optional Ink Console that lets you come quickly to color and stay through operation. The DPX Computer-to-plate system offers an affordable digital solution, based on reliable internal drum imaging and in-line press punching for drop-and-go registration for 175 line screen or better quality. It eliminates the high cost of special plates, waterless ink and waterless PMS color, and press down time while each job is directly imaged on the cylinders on all Direct Imaging digital presses. It also eliminates the high cost of film and plate making the old fashioned way. Using a digital file, a user can have, in about 13 minutes, processed, dried and press-readied four Silver DigiPlates, which can be fed into B452’s Easy Plate Setters. Silver DigiPlates are low cost but can easily run up to 25,000 impressions without stretch at such high quality color work as 175 line screen. FOLDING EQUIPMENT "Perfection" Just Got 20% Better At GUTENBERG FESTIVAL 2001, MBO America will be showcasing the first "Marble-less" folding machine—the Perfection. The Perfection series from MBO America is available in two sizes: 26"x 51" and 32"x 51". "Advanced engineering enables MBO's Perfection to increase production by at least 20%," states Hans Max, president, MBO America. "The Marble-less design, advanced (more) computerization, and MBO's patented Spiral fold rollers, and Belt Drive System combine to create the first, fully functional high-speed paper folding system," he continues. Special features of the Perfection include many patented exclusives, such as a dual paper transfer system for smoother gapless paper transfer with centralized controls and quick change over time, and a vacuum infeed and vacuum alignment system insure flat feeding and precise register. The Antistatic Plate greatly reduces the effects of static through its stainless steel construction and engineering of the lower plate lips. A special mark free, wear resistant ceramic coating is added to the top plate lip for static-less paper flow. The High-Speed Guide’s specially developed "Conical Wheels" replace "marbles" in the cross carrier guides. This enables users to have high-speed performance with precise register in all sections of the folder without any fear of marking. COLOR COPIERS Speed and Color with 60% Increase in Engine Speed The newest color laser copier from Canon Business Solutions (Gardena, CA) offers speed and robust color with more in-line finishing options like professional folding, trimming and saddle-stitching. With a 60% increase in engine speed over the CLC 1000 (50 ppm) and stackless duplexing, the CLC 5000 renders enhanced productivity as well as versatility. It provides uninterrupted productivity with Canon’s Scan-Once-Print-Many technology and high-volume output with an optional stapler sorter with cascading capabilities. The CLC 5000 also provides increased color and image quality. Using Canon’s Finer, Brighter (FB) toner, smaller, more brilliant toner particles and precise toner placement, the CLC 5000 produces crisp, sharp details. Bleeds have been reduced with an increased image area of 303 mm x 452 mm. Another feature is the CLC 5000’s ColorPASS, which establishes high-quality color for this copier and offers many document editing, job management and finishing options. SOFTWARE Improved Service and Increased Efficiencies with Pre-Press Software Tailored Solutions’ (Milwaukee, WI) Label Traxx speaks the language of narrow web flexographic shops. It handles projects from estimating to job costing, and has a Stock Product Module for management and distribution of finished goods. Label Traxx allows companies to manage all aspects of their businesses, from estimating through accounting. The software easily tracks customer/prospect histories by unlimited criteria, locates tooling information, checks roll stock capabilities, creates multi-press tickets for complex jobs, seamlessly converts estimates to orders and accurately collects shop floor data to analyze the cost of production jobs. Litho Traxx is a complete job management software system specifically designed for prepress houses and midsized sheetfed commercial printing companies. It covers the entire shop from prepress through bindery, and all functions from estimating through job costing. Its new Fulfillment Module provides finished goods and kits inventory management. It also has an integrated accounting package featuring Account Receivable, Account Payable, and General Ledger. These accounting modules have been specifically created for the printing industry by Tailored Solutions’ in-house CPA/Programmers. BINDING & BUNDLING Another area of particular interest at GUTENBERG FESTIVAL 2001 will be increased efficiencies in the bundling, counting and batch tabbing, and the bindery industries. Attendees can look forward to quicker, more efficient systems that will bundle, sort, slit, and bind faster than previous generations of similar machinery. Fast, Professional Coil On-Demand For the first time on the West Coast, Gateway Bookbinding Systems (Pembina, ND) will be showcasing the PLASTIKOIL New Concept Former. This machine enables bindery or in-plant printers to manufacture their own coil on-demand. The New Concept Former offers a PLC Control System with a user-friendly interface. Roller and belt speed ratios are pre-programmed and optimized for each coil diameter. The mandrel changes are easy and cost effective with the IMC (Interchangable Mandrel Components) and the unit’s unique spool brake design eliminates spool tangling, preventing timely run stoppages. The unit is small, quiet and self-reliant, requiring minimal operator supervision, and provides tremendous savings in floor space and freight. Quick and Precise Bundling Dynaric Inc. (Teaneck, NJ) will unveil their latest line of high speed strapping machines, the D-2400. Offering new technological and operator features, the D-2400 is capable of strapping 50 cycles per minute and features the industry’s only ultrasonic bundle sensor for precise tension control on packages. The D-2400 accommodates the user with its easy automatic strap feed function, automatic strap re-feed function, easy coil change and adjustable machine height as an option. Available in a special arch size specifically suitable for strapping postal trays, the D-2400 uses 5 mm, 1/4", and 3/8" strap. Super "Sonic" Counting Machine U.S. Paper Counters (Cairo, NY), a manufacturer of high-speed sheet counting and batch tabbing equipment, will be showcasing its new sonic scanner, the Count-Wise SS. "Our Sonic scanner works the same way a laser scanner does. Our sonar technology actually maps out the paper. This machine does not weigh the materials. It scans a stack of paper, even the heavier, thicker stock that can’t be counted with conventional counting machines," says Robert Wagner, product specialist. The Count-Wise sonic scanner only takes a little over a millisecond to complete a scan cycle and contains no moving parts. This machine will also cover up to a 12" pile of .010 point in less than 1 second. "The Count-Wise SS doesn’t actually touch the paper, so it cannot ruin or fold the corners. This allows us to go into the thicker materials such as PVC’s, credit cards, card stock, cards, envelopes and basically everything that couldn’t be counted with a conventional machine," Wagner continues. Synthetic Paper Synthetic Paper Makes Colors Shine At GUTENBERG FESTIVAL 2001, Yupo Corporation America (Chesapeake, VA), the world’s largest producer of synthetic paper, will showcase their full line of YUPO® brand synthetic paper and diverse, profitable applications for its use. Ultra-durable YUPO synthetic paper is a bright white, non-porous substrate. Brightness and color quality are heightened because inks are not absorbed into the paper as with conventional paper. Its super-smooth synthetic surface texture further serves to enhance brilliant colors and high-resolution imagery. Colors and image quality is protected by YUPO’s resistance to chemicals, grease, and the degrading affects of UV exposure. Tear and fade-resistant, YUPO is best utilized for jobs requiring long-lasting color fidelity such as billboards, posters, and outdoor applications. YUPO products are 100% recyclable.