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Team ASA Announces First Personal Internet Network - Attached Storage / Server for Mac

Press release from the issuing company

San Diego, CA -- Team ASA Inc., a manufacturer of high-performance networking products for Pre-Press and Digital Multimedia professionals, announced Npwr Server today. Npwr Server is a small self-enclosed Network Attached Storage (NAS) server that provides unparalleled performance to Mac, iMac, and PowerBook users. About the size of small external drive box, Npwr Server provides native AppleShare connection over both TCP/IP and Appletalk via a built in Gigabit Ethernet interface. Software support for client and server connections to Windows and UNIX platforms are also available. Npwr Server can be used as a personal NAS device, a personal Linux based server, or an internet attached storage server. Multiple Npwr Server units can be configured as scalable clustered servers. "This is a new product offering that we are very excited about" said Mark Murray, president of Team ASA. "Npwr Server was designed from the ground up for the Macintosh." Team ASA will begin shipping the Npwr Server on June 1st, 2001. Suggested retail pricing for the 30 Gigabyte, 633 MHz version is $1,495; the 60 Gigabyte, 1 GHz unit is $1,995.