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Oce TDS800 - Fastest System in the World, Web Enabled

Press release from the issuing company

3/01 - CeBIT 2001 Océ-Technologies B.V. today announced the introduction of its wide-format, multifunction Océ TDS800. At 13-metre-per-minute, the Océ TDS800 is the fastest system on the market, providing digital copying, printing, scan-to-file and finishing. It is also the first truly web-enabled device on the market for central environments, allowing print-job submission, and scanning to any location worldwide, using the Internet. Defining a new frontier ‘Central environments face a lot of pressure from their internal and external customers’, says Dick Jansen, International Product Manager for the Océ TDS800. After the successful release of the Océ 9800 six years ago, Océ is once again setting new standards in the high volume wide-format market. In addition to improvements in traditional aspects—quality, productivity, reliability, etc.—the Océ TDS800 represents document handling in a new dimension, namely, cyberspace. These improvements mean Océ is guiding users to a whole new frontier in document handling.’ A new frontier in turnaround The Océ TDS800 incorporates a number of productivity-enhancing features. In addition to its market-leading throughput of 13 metres per minute, the system features six on-line media, for longer production runs. The Océ Power Logic® controller provides true concurrency in printing, scanning, copying and finishing. It also allows simultaneous spooling, processing and storage of different jobs, thereby promoting faster turnaround and optimised system use. A new frontier in quality High quality is an increasingly important criterion in central environments, says Jansen, especially as document information becomes more complex. The Océ TDS800 offers improved Océ Copy Press, Océ ’s proprietary print process and improved Océ Image Logic®, which is designed to enhance image quality during the scanning process. Océ has also added a number of special high-quality application modes for photographic, (offset)printed matter and GIS originals. A new frontier in reliability The Océ TDS800 is based on a complete redesign of the Océ 9800, which improves the system’s reliability. It features a totally new framework, plus improved gears, electronics, etc. Océ also recently introduced Océ Remote Assistance, on-line, real-time diagnostics, which, Océ says, allows technicians to isolate and fix any problems more quickly than with traditional support. A new frontier in company-wide access With the Océ TDS800, users can scan to any location worldwide. Océ Scan Logic® software permits direct one-step scanning to any defined location using a LAN connection or Internet. The Océ Power Logic® controller, which is the common controller for the entire Océ TDS line, also helps companies optimise their access, says Jansen, by providing uniform infrastructure, drivers, work ways and connectivity across Océ wide-format systems. A web-based printer driver extends document-printing capabilities worldwide by allowing users to print to any supported, networked printer.