I’m a paper person to the core—but I’m always watching other substrates, and I’ve seen a lot of innovation in synthetic products that stick to surfaces. At first, I assumed that they all used similar techniques, but as I looked closer, I realized that these companies were all using entirely different strategies...and they’re all interesting and powerful in their own right. So, I decided to demo five of them for you. Here’s a quick overview of the details:

ClingZ® from Nekoosa Specialty Media

ClingZ is an electrically charged repositionable print media in white or clear polypropylene with a 10-pt. printable backer on it. This product is designed for indoor use on any dry surface—brick wall, wood, glass, other. Can be produced via digital, offset or wide format. (Clingz.com)

Ztac™ from Nekoosa Specialty Media

Ztac features an ultra low tack repositionable polyester film for application on glass and polished metal. They use a proprietary patterned adhesive that does not leave a residue. Easy to install, wrinkle and bubble free. Available in white or crystal clear. (Clingz.com)

YUPO Octopus® and YUPOJelly™ from Yupo Corporation

This product offers a static-free, adhesive-free synthetic paper with micro-suction technology. Gain the attributes of YUPO synthetic paper with micro-suction “cups” added to one side of the sheet. The product is tear-resistant and can be wiped, washed and reused again and again. No shrinking, bubbling or stretching. YUPO Octopus comes in white, and YUPOJelly is the crystal clear sibling product. There are a variety of grades for different printing methods, and both Octopus and Jelly are print process specific. Great for banners, peel and reveal publication covers, laptop decorations, temporary floor stickers and directional signs, games and kids’ items, etc. (Yupousa.com)

Stick’n Glide™ from H.W. Sands Corp.

The Stick’n Glide design, made of 18–27 mil PVC, sticks to smooth, flat surfaces without glue or adhesives. The magic is in the folding and gluing of the patented design that is available to license through H.W. Sands Corporation (US and Canada). When you place the piece on a smooth, flat surface and pull up on it, a suction is created that holds it down. This product is durable and wind/weather-resistant for indoor/outdoor marketing—great for table stands and counter displays, coaster holders, calendars and much more. Print via digital or offset process. You can request a quote on their website, or contact (and possibly become) a licensed Stick’n Glide manufacturer. (sticknglideusa.com)