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Join WhatTheyThink contributor David Zwang as he highlights the latest technology and product announcements from manufacturers of label and packaging solutions. This session will detail new product announcements, as well as new features, capabilities, and applications in the label and packaging market, as well as prevailing and emerging trends.

What you’ll learn about:

  • New label and packaging technology developments and trends.
  • New label and packaging products from major industry vendors.
  • New features, capabilities, and applications.

Featured Articles

    Tech Outlook: Packaging

    Two weeks ago, as part of WhatTheyThink’s fourth annual Technology Outlook Week, our five-day series of webinars that look at the latest trends and technologies in a broad cross-section of the industry, David Zwang took a look at labels and packaging. In this article, Heidi Tolliver-Walker recaps the webinar. Read More

    Heidelberg: Game-Changing “Push to Stop” Flexo Carton Press

    The new Heidelberg Boardmaster is the fastest and most productive flexo folding carton press in the market. It is the only industrial flexo press that is designed for zero changeover downtime. This is attributable to the Boardmaster Non-Stop Print Deck technology in conjunction with the Intellimatch precision scanning system, creating the first Push to Stop flexo folding carton press. Read More

    HP Indigo Doubles Down on Digital Flexible Packaging with the 200K

    Now that the market for digital production of flexible packaging is starting to take hold, HP has developed the next generation of product that builds on the expertise gained with the 25K as well as their other products and technologies. Read More

    Xeikon Extending Its Label Line-Up

    Digital label printing has been a growth market for many years, served by a large number of printer suppliers. Xeikon, offering both electrophotographic and inkjet label presses, expands both product lines. European section editor Ralf Schlözer looks at the new units. Read More

    New Challenges and Approaches to Packaging Workflows—Part Three

    The integration of analog and digital equipment can provide lots of opportunities but also challenges in plant optimization. Workflows, especially front office and plant for packaging operations, have to address many complexities not found in commercial printing workflows. Read More

    New Challenges and Approaches to Packaging Workflows—Part Two

    More printing companies are finding opportunities in packaging production as more targeted and shorter packaging production runs increase and new digital tools help reduce the skill sets required. However, many are finding that different production tools and workflows as well as new processes are required to optimize and succeed. Read More

    New Challenges and Approaches to Packaging Workflows—Part One

    Since there is an increasing shift of consumers from large global brands to smaller local/regional brands, so is the amount of disparate packaging required. However, while the diversity of needs commercial print are feeling the pressures, packaging adds many other level of complexities. Read More

    Corrugated Goes Hybrid

    The demand for shorter runs is increasing, driven by consumer market shifts across the packaging landscape. However, justifying the cost of digital corrugated production per package/box, when the ink cost is almost 10X the cost of flexo ink, and close to equal with the media in some cases, is difficult unless there is some added value or a more efficient solution. Read More

    Time to Thrive: Digital Labels and Packaging Will Continue to Grow

    David Zwang recaps the year in labels and packaging, with a look at notable product releases, and the continued growth of digital labels and packaging.  Read More