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Join WhatTheyThink contributor David Zwang as he highlights the latest technology and product announcements from manufacturers of label and packaging solutions. This session will detail new product announcements, as well as new features, capabilities, and applications in the label and packaging market, as well as prevailing and emerging trends.

What you’ll learn about:

  • New label and packaging technology developments and trends.
  • New label and packaging products from major industry vendors.
  • New features, capabilities, and applications.

This session is sponsored by Bobst, HP Indigo and SEI Laser

Featured Articles

    Technology Outlook 2022—The Labels & Packaging Market: Even Stronger

    In this year’s third annual Technology Outlook, David Zwang looks at new trends, technologies, and products in labels and packaging. Read More

    Your Package Has Been Delivered—And More Are Coming

    Just as in web-to-print software solutions for commercial printers, online package creation is facilitating the rapid growth of shorter-run packaging to address the shifting market demands. These new online transaction design and procurement web-to-pack solutions, in combination with digital presses and laser die cutters, are also enabling many commercial printers to find a lift into becoming a packaging converter. David Zwang takes a look at the current web-to-pack landscape. Read More

    Reusable Packaging: A Growing Trend

    There is a lot of talk about recycling, but less talk about reusing, across a variety of product types from soda to sweat pants. Reuse has a key role to play in a circular economy, and packaging is one of the key offenders in terms of waste. The good news, though, is there is increasing interest on the part of brands, retailers, and consumers in reusable packaging, whether it is an insulated water bottle or a crate like the milkman used to leave on our doorsteps for refilling. (I’m old enough to remember that!) Read More

    Needed: Quick Turn Labels—A Trio of OEMs Share What to Expect in Label Printing Trends

    Demand for fast-turn and short-run labels went up during and after the pandemic, but employment and consumables problems tempered what could have been a boon for label printers and label equipment vendors. Contributor Mark Vruno looks at where we stand today. Read More

    Graphene in Packaging

    We’ve been writing a great deal lately about graphene, often referred to as a miracle material, but so far the focus has been on just about everything except packaging. Is there an application? Tetra Pak thinks so! Read More