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TrendWatch Releases First in Series of Worldwide Country Reports, UK

Press release from the issuing company

NEW YORK, NY -- June 17, 2002 -- TrendWatch Graphic Arts today released the first in a new series of "Worldwide Country Reports" that analyyze and critique individual countries as they pertain to the graphic communications industry. The first in the series, titled "TWGA Country Report: Analysis of UK Graphic Communication Markets" indicates that there are 7,870 commercial printers, trade shops, inplants, and newspapers in the U.K. In addition, American graphic arts vendors and suppliers are attracted to the creative and media industries in the U.K., which generate revenues of £112.5 billion and employ more than 5% of the total workforce. The report was released today and is available online. For more information, please visit the TWGA website (www.trendwatchgraphicarts.com). Researcher's Quote... "The U.K. is very attractive to U.S. marketers due to the strong economy and similar language, culture, business practices, and legal framework," noted Vince Naselli, Director, TrendWatch Graphic Arts. "Its commercial printing and creative markets mirror those of America. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce's FY2002 U.K. report, the U.K. is the world's fourth largest economy and sports relatively low rates of taxation and inflation. U.K. consumers tend to be very receptive to U.S. goods and services. The U.K. remains the United States' largest European market and fourth largest market worldwide after Canada, Mexico, and Japan. And once marketers have a foothold in the U.K., it becomes a gateway to the rest of the EU." UK Printing Industry Research Data... The U.K.'s printing industry is a mature industry and, like the U.S., is very technologically advanced. It represents the country's major users of advanced information and communication technology, is a large purchaser of computer hardware and software, and is a leading user of high-bandwidth telecommunications. Use of the Internet and e-commerce is growing rapidly. According to the TWGA report... -- The United Kingdom has a GDP of $1.3 trillion, and its economy grew at a rate of 3% in 2001; -- The commercial printing industry is mature, commanding 1.2% of the GDP -- by 2000, printing had risen to one of U.K.'s sixx largest industries, employing 200,000 people; -- As of 1995, there were more than 16,000 companies in the commercial printing industry, generating sales of $11.9 billion ((2002 dollars) -- by 2000, sales had risen to $18.2 billion (2002 dollars). UK Creative Markets Research Data... The U.K.'s creative markets are likewise strong. British advertising has a reputation as one of the world's most effective and creative. Advertisements range from the subtle to the outrageous in order to grab attention and provoke response. The U.K.'s advertising industry remains a world leader in business volume. The value of the creative industries to the GDP is greater than the contribution of any of the U.K.'s manufacturing industry. According to the TWGA report... -- The U.K.'s creative and media industries generate revenues of around $157.5 billion and employ more than 1.3 million peoplle, or 5% of the total workforce. -- The U.K.'s projected ad spending for 2000 was $15.8 billion; -- The U.K. Internet advertising market for the first half of 2001 was $126.3 million (2002 dollars), a 42% increase over onlline ad spending from one year earlier. Who Should Buy This Report... The report offers vendors, suppliers, and service providers insight and analysis for supporting new international strategies and the development of marketing plans exclusive to the United Kingdom. The TWGA UK Country Report provides marketing data and direction, and is a valuable resource by documenting the U.K. business environment, the economy, and trade balance with America. It also supplies key printing and creative industry trends, as well as demographics. Availability... "TWGA Country Report: Analysis of UK Graphic Communication Markets" will be available by July 23rd for purchase by visiting the secure TrendWatch Graphic Arts eStore online at www.trendwatchgraphicarts.com or by phone at (866) 873-6310. The price for the report is $1,500. TrendWatch Graphic Arts eStore customers can download this report in PDF Acrobat format immediately after purchase.