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QuarkXPress 2018 Now Available – The Innovation Continues

Press release from the issuing company

Denver, Colo. – Quark announced today the official availability of QuarkXPress 2018. QuarkXPress 2018 is the new full release of Quark’s graphic design and page layout software that sets the bar for innovation in typography, print, and digital publishing. Existing QuarkXPress users, new users and even InDesign users benefit from Quark’s focus on delivering powerful new features in every yearly release.

QuarkXPress 2018 includes industry-first features that boost productivity, support modern font requirements, and advance print and digital publishing. According to customers, QuarkXPress is the best choice in professional design and layout software because it offers:

  • The ability to produce high-quality designs for both print and digital projects
  • No monthly subscription – buy the license, own the license
  • An intuitive user interface, less palette clutter, and faster time to results
  • The ability to convert any AI, EPS, PDF or InDesign file to editable QuarkXPress objects
  • Non-destructive image editing
  • Superior typographic controls, e.g. for kerning pairs, font tracking tables, text variables and OpenType fonts
  • More granular design control for optical margin alignment, gradients, and opacity
  • The ability to copy objects from Affinity Designer and Adobe Illustrator, copy pie charts from Excel, and paste them as editable QuarkXPress objects
  • The ability to output unlimited iOS and Android Single apps for free
  • Conversion of print layouts into interactive HTML5 Publications
  • Lower cost of ownership and optional upgrades

What Do QuarkXPress Users Think?
“What I love most about the new version of QuarkXPress is the increased ability to convert print layouts to digital layouts (and vice versa) accurately and with ease. This, together with Quark’s unmatched typographic control and the new OpenType functionality (now also available for e-books and HTML5 publications), gives me complete flexibility to produce high-quality designs for both print and online publications. Rating 5/5.” 
Julie Foster

“QuarkXPress 2018 gives me a huge productivity benefit by allowing for the conversion of PDF files to editable objects. For me that’s huge – this way I can reuse existing PDF files and export them as high-quality PDF/X-4 for print, which can also be PDF/A compliant if that is something my customers require for archiving or accessibility.”
Granville Sellars

“On an aggressive upgrade cycle, QuarkXPress 2018 responds to user requests for heavy duty features like JavaScript 8, native Android app creation, a new PDF engine and hyphenation quality – a feature much needed but nowhere previously seen. Color Fonts add fun, but, as always, it is the experience of refined power that sets QuarkXPress apart.”
Martin Turner

Learn about QuarkXPress 2018 by visiting www.quark.com/2018 or watch What’s New In QuarkXPress 2018.

Why QuarkXPress 2018?
Unlike other graphic design and page layout software, QuarkXPress offers users new, major features in every release – plus free updates throughout the year. In QuarkXPress 2018 valuable new features fall into these main categories: unsurpassed typography, professional print and digital publishing, streamlined user interface (UI), and top customer requested features. Highlights include:

First-Class OpenType Controls
Color Fonts Support
Upgraded Font Listing
Hyphenation Strictness Levels

Direct InDesign® IDML Import
New PDF Print Engine based on callas® pdfToolbox
Tagged/Accessible PDF
Built-in modern JavaScript ES6+ based on v8

Create Android Single Apps free
HTML5 Export Optimizations, including offline support
Digital Preview Improvements
Grouped Items Interactivity
OpenType Support for Digital Output

Powerful User Interface
Vertical Measurement Palette

Digital-to-Print Conversion (Digital First Workflow)
Span Footnotes over Columns
Different frames for each side of a box
10 to 1000% Print Scaling
Flip Groups
And more…

Switching to QuarkXPress?
Attention InDesign, CorelDraw, Microsoft Publisher and Photoshop users: Switch to QuarkXPress 2018 now and save 50%. Anyone who owns software that competes with QuarkXPress is eligible to purchase a full new and upgradeable QuarkXPress 2018 license for just $399, which is a savings of $450 off the regular price of $849. Find out more about this competitive upgrade offer.

Purchasing or Upgrading to QuarkXPress 2018?
QuarkXPress 2018 is available for purchase through the Quark Store, from our Quark telesales team or from any of our Authorized Resellers. Upgrade from QuarkXPress 2017 for only $185, upgrade from any version prior to QuarkXPress 2017 for $399, or buy a new license for $849. Attractive discounts available for volume licenses, education, government, charity and non-profit organizations.

Learn more about QuarkXPress 2018: www.quark.com/2018

New GitHub JavaScript Community
Find, add or contribute to Quark’s free JavaScripts. Automate and customize QuarkXPress with JavaScript (ECMAScript ES6+), e.g. with GREP Search and Mail Merge. Here is the place to find and even help on optimizing free scripts. Visit Github.


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