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Manroland InlineColorPilot automatic inline color measuring and controlling system now available on the ROLAND 500 series

Press release from the issuing company

Precise color measurement on every run

Fully proven on the large format and 3B format sectors, the ROLAND InlineColorPilot is regarded as the market leader in terms of speed and precision in measuring and controlling colors. The module measures and regulates ink density during the job run without having to stop the press and pull the sheets for inspection. Consistent print quality is therefore maintained from the first approved sheet to the last one in the pile. Complete documentation of the print run has extra benefits: it's the ideal digitalized tool for quality control and it helps to analyze and resolve customer complaints.

Many ingenious technical solutions are embedded in the system to ensure the best measuring result. There's colored flash illumination that enables the complete print control strip to be measured within three sheets – regardless of the number of colors printed. A high-resolution CCD sensor with polarizing filter – which is immune to reflections from wet ink and scattered light -- is used for measuring. The RGB flash illumination corresponds with the color of the filters used for normal densitometrical measurements, allowing the printer to easily adapt standardized printing in accordance with ISO 12647-2 in their production. Optional okBalance® maximizes printing stability while InlineRegister offers further flexibility in having the workshop process integrated. Lab values of the color can also be simultaneously measured with an optional online system, by adapting this combination the ProcessMonitor is a perfect solution for overall quality analysis according to the ISO standard.

Profitable arm in 0B segment

As the most flexible and productive press in the 0B segment, the ROLAND 500 is designed for high-end applications requiring high speed, flexibility and quality. Among its class, it has the world’s flattest sheet travel, so the ROLAND 500 is capable of handling substrates of up to 1 millimeter thick and speeds of up to 18,000 sheets per hour. These are crucial preconditions to deliver outstanding printing quality in diverse application environments.

Users of the ROLAND 500 also have the option of going with the 0B plus format (590 x 744 mm). It is particularly ideal for long runs of small format jobs, i.e. labels, greeting cards, coupons, security printing and special poster formats, among others.

The ROLAND 500 adopts a wide range of automated technologies to further shorten the make-ready time and minimize the number of personnel required for a print job. The operator even has extra time to attend to other tasks such as preparing for the next print job. Examples include format settings, washing systems, air settings, QuickChange technologies and, of course, the newest InlineColorPilot module.

Best combination

When applying the latest combination, the benefits are obvious. Thanks to the inline automatic functions, test sheets no longer need to be pulled out of the machine during a print run, therefore stable ink-water balance is preserved. In tandem with the CIP3-based ink slides presetting measures, the InlineColorPilot helps shorten overall make-ready time and significantly reduces wasted sheets.

One vital component of the InlineColorPilot is the log of measurement results. This can be used for the purpose of quality control – and for the analysis and resolution of customer complaints. The module also drives down energy costs. Over the long run, it guarantees maximum return on investment. Combined with the outstanding working capacity of the ROLAND 500 press, this produces amazing results.

Huge leap towards full automation

The InlineColorPilot offers enhanced automated production to printers looking to set up a future-oriented business model. Color variations on the print job during production are automatically detected and processed by the module in association with the ROLAND inking system. It works well with presetting by the IntegrationPilot system, automatic plate changing and washing systems, and logistic systems – indeed, the future of autoprint!

“It’s exciting news for ROLAND 500 fans like us,” says Mr. Frenki Bezjak, Managing Director of Druckerei Hauserpresse GmbH, who is investing the first InlineColorPilot on its ROLAND 500 press. “Now the job of our operators becomes much easier. Premium print quality is guaranteed. Even our most demanding customers will be happy with the quality of our products. When our customers are happy, we are happy too!”



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