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Insiders Preview To Debut At The Green Media Show

Press release from the issuing company

(Mercer Island, WA – September 5, 2008) The Green Media Show announced today that six companies will display new products that deliver green sustainable solutions for those marketers and printers looking to lower their carbon footprint by utilizing the latest sustainable technologies and papers. The companies involved include: Finch Paper, Flagship Press, GreenBizJournals.com, Pitney Bowes Emtex, Quantum Digital and Utopia by Appleton Coated. All of these products and services will be onsite October 1 & 2 at the Boston Marriott Copley Place.
Produced by SustainCommWorld of Mercer Island, Washington, The Green Media Show Conference & Expo will focus on all media communications for corporations and government agencies and will address how companies can lower the carbon footprint of their advertising, websites, printed brochures and materials, email campaigns and all internal and external communication. The event brings together thought leaders, senior management involved in establishing sustainability programs, and the full supply chain providing services to this group.
“Our goal with The Green Media Show is to show America’s marketers how they can make their messages green and sustainable. It’s one thing to promote green products, but the delivery vehicle should have a neutral carbon footprint too.  By incorporating simple steps, a company can reduce carbon emissions and do so profitability.  The products featured in Insiders Preview deliver solutions to assist on this path.”
Finch Paper
Product: New Premium Blend Text & Cover
Finch Paper has unveiled new Finch Premium Blend, offering the perfect combination of print quality, environmental attributes and cost-conscious sensibility. Premium Blend is not only expertly crafted to deliver phenomenal print performance on its velvety-smooth surface, it’s made with 30% post-consumer fiber and certified to meet the responsible forestry standards of both the Forest Stewardship Council and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) program.
FlagShip Press
Product: 100% Wind Powered Operations
Flagship Press, based in North Andover, MA, will buy 1,997,000-kilowatt hours of renewable energy credits. Compared to the average generation mix in the national electric grid, the environmental benefit from this purchase is equal to offsetting approximately 1,230 metric tons of carbon dioxide, the impact equivalent to planting more than 1,100 acres or not driving 3.1 million miles.  This commitment qualifies them a Green Power Leader among the Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power Partnership.
Flagship Press’ wind power commitment is a natural step in furthering the company’s environmental goals.  In addition to supporting clean energy, Flagship Press is FSC certified, uses energy efficient lighting, soy-based inks and Green-Seal Certified cleaning products.  They also recycle 100% of their paper waste, which is equal to 960 tons of paper each year.
Product: New website
The greenbizjournal.com web site will be replaced with a new, much more comprehensive design and renaming the site bizjournalsgreen. The new site will allow the journal to deliver in a more user-friendly way the dozens of stories about green business that are written by the 600-plus journalists at our 41 business journals around the country. This will also be giving space and time for more comprehensive national coverage on the bizjournalsgreen site than on the current site. The launch date for the new, improved site is September 30, 2008.
Pitney Bowes Emtex
Products: ecowise mailstream series of products
ecowiseSM Assess—An initial assessment and analysis Pitney Bowes ecowise program experts can work with you to analyze your current mailstream processes and determine your current level of eco-performance. These specialists analyze the findings using an estimator tool and prepare a gap analysis that identifies opportunities for improvement and potential value benefits.
ecowiseSM Plan—A practical and verifiable roadmap In the ecowise Plan phase, our specialists develop a best-fitstrategy for lowering your carbon footprint, based on the data collected in the assessment phase. This roadmap details specific actions to be taken, along with steps, best practices, processes, procedures, and technology to create an ecowise mailstream by remapping processes and leveraging eco-related hardware and software solutions.
ecowiseSM Create—An implementation of the ecowise Plan A green mailstream is a smart mailstream. This phase delivers a solution and applies a value to the benefits of the ecowise roadmap. ecowise program specialists then work with you to implement the roadmap by revising existing processes and tracking environmental gains.
ecowiseSM Validate—Validated evidence of the new ecowise performance
Each customer receives a certificate of completion that documents its eco-performance level. This validation and certificate provides a platform for communicating the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability of the mailstream. It also establishes a baseline for continuous improvement and future validations.
ecowiseSM Brand—Promoting ecowise recognition across multiple marketing channels The ecowise program permits validated mailers to publicly highlight their investments and environmental performance through traditional and innovative approaches. Validated mailers will be able to imprint endorsed ecowise program logos and messages on websites, brochures, articles and presentations.
Quantum Digital
Product: eMarketing Platform
With QuantumDigital's eMarketing platform, entrepreneurs, professionals and businesses are able to personalize and tailor their online marketing efforts through dynamic, media-rich emails.  The platform enables users to distribute permission-based, opt-in emails with the added flexibility to populate pre-defined templates or upload custom HTML designs.
 QuantumDigital's eMarketing platform offers enhanced features such as a report that tracks each email campaign and identifies how many emails were opened, how many were received and who replied.  Upon execution of a campaign, the user will be provided with information that includes the number of emails sent and how many emails are left in their current subscription plan, which will help users to plan accordingly for future email campaigns.  The platform also has a built-in list management feature that allows users to save time by uploading and storing customer email lists for future campaigns.  Within the list management feature, users also have the ability to continually add new contacts, search for contacts and update information, or delete entries from a saved list. 
Quantum Digital
Products: Six New Direct Marketing Service Packages
QuantumDigital has launched of  (remove of)  six new online direct marketing service packages: three single-user packages designed for marketing  (remove marketing)  individual business owners and three multiple-user packages designed specifically for businesses with distributed sales networks and field associates.  The new packages make navigating QuantumDigital's direct marketing portal easier and ultimately allow users to spend more time on marketing strategy, instead of marketing logistics.
Single User Packages are ideal for entrepreneurs, home office professionals, marketing professionals or any individual conducting a direct marketing campaign. Multiple User Packages are suited for franchises, small to medium sized businesses, enterprises, real estate franchises and distributed sales networks. These packages provide you with a branded portal, a variety of branded marketing collateral to make available to multiple users, access to eMarketing, marketing support to launch your program and more.
Quantum Digital Products: MapMailtm
Visual Mapping Technology
QuantumDigital’s new visual mapping technology combines the power of robust demographic data selection and visual mapping to accurately identify and target business’ idea prospects within a desired direct mailing area.  First it is integrated into a complete direct mail fulfillment platform. So, marketers can create personalized postcards, find their business’ ideal client, and mail targeted marketing messages directly to their prospects’ mailbox.