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Enovation Road Show Helping Printers Unlock Their Digital Profit Centers

Press release from the issuing company

VALHALLA, N.Y. (June 2004) – Enovation Graphic Systems, Inc. is inviting printers to come learn how to unlock their digital profit centers with a new road show centered around the benefits of digital printing. Together with Xerox and Electronics for Imaging (EFI), Enovation will host a series of road shows designed to show printers how digital printing can help revitalize their businesses. The series of 12 road shows, which will kick off on July 7-8 at Xerox’s Minneapolis demo center location, will feature the Xerox DocuColor 6060 running EFI’s Fiery EXP6000 RIP. There will be a morning and afternoon presentation each day of the two-day event. Attendee registration and additional information can be found at www.digitalprofitcenter.com. “Many printers in the industry know they can benefit from digital printing, but just aren’t sure how to integrate it into their current workflow or sell it to their customers,” says Tim Combs, senior vice president, sales and marketing, for Enovation. “Enovation can help them unlock that potential and build better relationships with their customers by giving them high quality, on-demand printing.” Today, almost anything can be printed digitally and, in many cases, more profitably and much more easily. Because of shorter run lengths, faster turnaround times and the ever increasing use of variable content by savvy sales and marketing professionals, digital printing is the answer many in the industry are looking for. Digital printing also allows those sales and marketing professionals to avoid maintaining an inventory of costly pieces that may become obsolete, to produce pieces that include time sensitive information and to benefit from the cost effectiveness of printing on demand. Add to these benefits the proven reduced prep and make ready times, “proof on press” capability for faster approval cycles and complete printing and finishing, and it’s easy to see why industry experts are predicting rapid growth for digital printing in an otherwise stagnant print market. Combining the Xerox and EFI products with Enovation’s cast of experts offers customers a unique solution. In addition to its nationwide network of support and technical service, Enovation has specialists in workflow, color management and integration ready to help customers make the most of their newest investments. Road show attendees will have a chance to meet these experts and to learn how on-demand printing can help benefit their bottom line and separate them from their competition. Additionally, Enovation’s representatives will show attendees how to sell it to their customers. After kicking off in Minneapolis, the Enovation road show will travel to Chicago on August 3-4, Boston on August 5-6 and Dallas on August 24-25. Enovation’s road show will also include stops in: • Washington, D.C., Aug. 26-27 • Milwaukee, WI, Sept. 28-29 • Orlando, FL, Sept. 30-Oct. 1 • Philadelphia, PA, Nov. 2-3 • San Francisco, CA, Nov. 4-5 • Los Angeles, CA, Nov. 16-17 • Salt Lake City, Utah, Dec. 14-15 • Atlanta, GA, Jan. 25-26 For more information on Enovation’s Digital Printing Road Show or for the show schedule, please visit www.digitalprofitcenter.com.