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Industry Veteran Dave Hannebrink Dies at Age 63

By Cary Sherburne

We were saddened to learn of the untimely passing of Dave Hannebrink.  I know that many of our readers knew him personally, as did I.  He was always a gentleman, and very dedicated to the industry.

Many of you may have known him from the old Covalent days (Covalent is now owned by EFI).  Dave co-founded Covalent Systems, which became the leading provider of enterprise software and production data collection systems for suppliers in the printing and electronic publishing industries, achieving 35% market share with over 1,200 customers in 15 countries.

After a period of time as a consultant, Dave was recruited by Noosh founder Ofer Ben-Shachar in 1998 and co-founded Noosh, holding a number of sales, marketing, operations and strategy formulation positions there over the years.

Dave was always passionate about the mission of Noosh and about its role in the industry.  Although it is a private company, and has been through a number of changes over the years, we understand that it is profitable and growing, much of which can be attributed to Dave’s vision and dedication.

Mark Tiedens, Vice President of Marketing and Customer Operations, who has been with Noosh for a decade, said, “Dave was one of the reasons I loved coming to work every day.  He was smart and funny and had a great sense of integrity.” Those of us who knew him would agree, and he will be missed.

Dave started his career at Hewlett Packard, and served in marketing management positions at HP’s computer and software divisions. He also worked as a consultant to early stage companies. He held a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University, an MS in Mechanical Engineering from MIT and an MBA from the University of Santa Clara.  He is survived by his wife and two children.

Our readers may wish to read the company’s blog post about Dave’s passing.


By Charles Gehman on Nov 08, 2013

Very Sad. RIP.


By Jennifer Matt on Nov 08, 2013

I interviewed with Dave Hannebrink at Noosh back in the 1990's (he didn't hire me ;-). Since then, Dave and I have kept in touch, we both live in the Bay Area, we both survived the dotcom madness in the print industry. We kept in touch, we met up at industry events. I can't say we were close friends but you don't really understand what people in our work lives mean to us until they are suddenly gone. I cried because I will miss Dave, I cried because I thought of the grief Dave's wife and kids are feeling. I cried because business isn't just business, we are humans and Dave was a great one to work with. We had mutual respect for each other and dealing with him was always easy.

Dave's death suddenly readjusts your perspective, what's important? what's not? and I think most importantly - are you living at your highest potential because life is precious and can be very unpredictable.

I know Dave's family knows what a great guy he was, I hope they get some sense of how he brought that greatness to work and shared it with all of us.

Rest in peace Dave, my thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

Jen Matt


By David L. Zwang on Nov 08, 2013

I first met Dave as part of a study he wanted at Covalent. As time went on, I had the pleasure of working with Dave on a number of different occasions. He was, as we say "a mench'.. Just a real nice guy to work with, who truly kept his word as his bond.

I, and the industry, will surely miss him....



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