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GMG announces the launch of GMG ProductionSuite 2.0 at FESPA London

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GMG makes the most color-accurate, versatile wide format production workflow even easier to use

Tuebingen – GMG announces the version 2 release of ProductionSuite, an update of the most complete production solution for wide-format printing. Highlights include a very easy to use version of SmartProfiler to profile all combinations of printers, media, inks, etc; more powerful Layout tools; and a new interior decoration option — along with a new, GMG ProductionSuite Focus edition. 

GMG ProductionSuite offers the entire range of functions required in a wide-format production environment. GMG ProductionSuite is modular, comprising of a prepress file Editor, RIP, SmartProfiler and PrintStation. It currently supports over 1,000 output devices. A flexible licensing model permits custom installation: from a simple configuration on one computer with only one RIP, one Editor and functions for driving one or two output devices, all the way to an extensive decentralized configuration with several editors that can send jobs to over ten printers and cutters. With additional functions, such as industrial cutting, true shape nesting, and screen- and variable data printing, GMG ProductionSuite also fulfills some of the more unique requirements of wide format printing. 

Updated SmartProfiler 2.0: Same reliable high-quality color management—even easier to achieve.

GMG SmartProfiler is a wizard for the calibration and profiling of all supported print devices without requiring expert knowledge of color management. With highly automated SmartProfiler color management, printers get guaranteed repeatability without any need for expert color knowledge – even with spot colors. 

ProductionSuite 2.0 features a new, automatic rendering intent. “While most profiling and color management tools may require an operator to go through a number of ‘trial and error’ steps to obtain a satisfactory separation, in SmartProfiler 2.0 GMG takes responsibility for building the profile,” explains Markus Finkbeiner, Director Business Unit Wide Format Printing at GMG. “It is truly a “smart” profiler, creating the profile depending upon media, ink set, substrate, and other variables. GMG’s time and knowledge is definitely built into the product.”

The new SmartProfiler 2.0, which now operates on both OS X and Windows platforms, has a new user interface to make it even easier to get outstanding color results. It is one, complete software application to create all profile components, including print mode, ink splitting, calibration and profile. The integrated media manager inside SmartProfiler offers a complete, streamlined overview of every profile including, for example, spot color edits. GMG Device Link (MX4) profiles are now created on the fly, based upon where the file is intended to be output. There is no longer any need to create several printer-media-mode (PMM) combinations for different RGB and CMYK workflows.

Operators can manage the profiles, creating names for parameters such as mode and media that best identify each profile. A new test chart generator recognizes the defined media width and measurement device. SmartProfiler 2.0 also creates optimized test chart layouts for large and wide format printers. It offers full support internal measurement devices, such as those found in HP Designjet and Epson StylusPro.

“While an expert can deliver acceptable color results with most any color management solution, with GMG ProductionSuite 2.0, anybody can produce the same exceptional color results, right out of the box,” says Finkbeiner.

Layout: More flexibility for a wide variety of jobs

With the new Layout feature, GMG ProductionSuite 2.0 will be integrated into even more workflows, producing a wider variety of print products. True shape nesting is very easy to program. For example, users can create 100 stickers, rescale them in three different sizes, and nest them by true shape, all with just a few mouse clicks. Integrated cut and white support are built in. 

If desired, users can even open a true-shape nested job within the RIP, change the job layout by readjusting parameters such as the amount of images, job rotation and cutting information—and then print and cut the job. So, nesting can be created by either the prepress operator or the print operator.

New interior decoration option

Available as a new, additional option, interior decoration can support two significant functions for the digitized creation and printing of textiles and wallpapers: colorways and step & repeat. The ProductionSuite Editor step & repeat tool supports all common algorithms for the textile industry. Patterns can be moved in any direction. Then, colorways allows several colorations within one job. Similar, multiple layouts can be created in different colors on multiple layouts, but with the same, precise step & repeat layout. Most important, with GMG’s color-accurate technology, GMG ProductionSuite can assure one delta-E accuracy in textiles from a digital press, no matter when the file is printed. Thus, textiles and wallpapers are always color and design consistent, a ‘must’ demanded by interior decorators.

GMG ProductionSuite Focus Edition: Fully functional wide format workflow at an entry-level price 

GMG is also releasing GMG ProductionSuite-Focus Edition, an entry-level price version of GMG ProductionSuite intended for print shops that wish to bundle a complete workflow – instead of solely a RIP – at the time of purchase of a new digital printer. The ProductionSuite Focus Edition is a fully functioning workflow system, including all four ProductionSuite modules. It also offers the same cutting functionality as the standard licensed version. However, it is offered with a one-user license and one printer driver. Upgrades are available to add more printer drivers. Optional modules are not available.

“We wanted to offer small and medium-sized print shops the benefits of GMG ProductionSuite, at a very affordable price,” comments Finkbeiner. “Almost immediately, with GMG ProductionSuite Focus Edition, these shops will be able to offer the quality, speed and consistency that a complete automated production workflow provides.”

GMG ProductionSuite 2.0 and GMG ProductionSuite Focus Edition are available now through the company’s distribution channels and will premiere at FESPA London, June 25 to 29, 2013, at GMG’s stand G50S.


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