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Cacidi is ready for InDesign CC

Press release from the issuing company

Cacidi Systems now introduces a complete line of new products for Adobe InDesign CC

Copenhagen – Cacidi Systems announces new plug-ins and products that are 100% compatible with Adobe InDesign CC, and that furthermore adds many new and improved features. All of our broad range of efficient tools for Adobe InDesign has now been updated so that it is fully compatible with Adobe InDesign CC – and not just updated, but also optimised with new groundbreaking features making your productions even more efficient.  

Cacidi BarCodes CC

Cacidi BarCodes enables you to create barcodes directly in your InDesign document by simply choosing barcode type and entering your data in the BarCodes palette.

A large selection of barcode types: You get the option of choosing amongst all of the most used types of barcodes, such as som QR-Code, EAN-8, EAN-13, ISBN, ISSN, UPC-A, UPC-E, JAN-8, JAN-13, Bookland, Codabar, Code 11, Code 25, Code 39, Code 128, MSI/Plessey and PostNet. The barcode that Cacidi BarCodes creates is a living object – you can change its size, rotate it, or add common features, such as colour, to the barcode. If you change the number of the barcode in the Cacidi BarCodes palette, the barcode is changed dynamically and of course keeps all its features.

NEW! Cacidi Barcodes CC offers its users an abundance of new opportunities that have been requested by our customers. Full styling of the barcode, with user-chosen colour choice of barcode and text, and with a background that is now transparent while colour samples and colour mix can be used. The user can adjust how much room the text beneath the barcode takes up in proportion to the allocated area, and thereby also control the space around the text. 

Cacidi Extreme CC

Cacidi Extreme is the most advanced, but at the same time easiest to use software solution for automated graphic design on the market. Whether you produce catalogues, price lists, pamphlets, business cards, or other documents of one or several pages with text, picture and/or barcode content, enormous time savings can be achieved when it comes to avoiding repeated and trivial work processes. This could for example be copy/paste and local formatting of text, manual placement and scaling of pictures and barcodes, and updating content in future productions. 

Cacidi LiveMerge CC

Cacidi LiveMerge is a revolutionary piece of software that adds to the functionality in Adobe InDesign, and makes the graphic designer’s life much easier. 

It is like working with a library palette, but with the big difference that the content in your design is merged from a data source that contains for example product information etc.

Double proofreading and maintenance of text and picture sources in several places will become things of the past after putting Cacidi LiveMerge into operation. 

LiveMerge connects sparkling design with data from different data sources, and fully automated merges the content in the design with data. 

It is extremely simple to operate for the user, as operation is incredibly simple – everything is done via drag and drop. LiveMerge provides you with a totally unique way to work together on a task and use the same data, and due to the close integration with the database, the task is always current. 

A snippet in a snippet

NEW! Cacidi LiveMerge CC and Extreme CC now support reference elements in Snippet reference elements, which is a new way to split up a design into blocks of constituent elements. A price splash can for example be a reference element, and it can be placed when the main snippet is placed. If the price splash is changed, it offers you the opportunity to just change the price splash, and not the whole snippet. 

New groundbreaking side disposition methods

Prototype inline design flow

NEW! Cacidi Extreme CC offers new and improved opportunities for creatively creating long documents that run in a text flow, such as price lists, manuals and teaching resources. Cacidi Extreme's new "Prototype Based Pagination" enables you to create a design that is situated in a text frame as a prototype. The content is copied to a continuous frame during the operation, making it possible to change between inline and frame-based production. 

Time-saving rhythm disposition method 

NEW! Rhythm building of documents is a new fantastic way to control how to build up a document. By using the page design feature, a page design is created, and this is then repeated as many times as there is data in the operation. With the PageQue feature, a pattern of pages can be built, which is then repeated as long as there is data. 

Plan-based payment

Adobe InDesign CC will in the future follow a plan-based payment model, and as Cacidi follows suit with a similar model, it will be even easier to get started on automating your productions. 

All Cacidi CC plug-ins can now be “rented” for just 12 months, and after those 12 months, you choose if you wish to continue using the software or not. This enables you to use our Cacidi Extreme CC product for just 750 DKK* per month, Cacidi LiveMerge CC for just 209 DKK* per month, or Cacidi BarCodes CC for just 59 DKK* per month.

As for the Cacidi server products Cacidi AdBuilder, Cacidi DocEditor and Cacidi Production Server, we expect to introduce VERY attractive plan-based prices for these products during May 2013. 

* minimum contract period is 12 months, and invoicing is done for 12 months at a time. 


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