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Goss Global Newsliner Tower Additions at Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Press release from the issuing company

March 15th, 2004 – Goss International has received an order from the Sarasota Herald-Tribune for two Goss Global Newsliner tower additions for its existing Metroliner presses. The Sarasota Herald-Tribune serves one of the largest and most affluent areas of Florida and has a daily circulation of 106,865 and a Sunday circulation of 134,219. David Harvey, Production Director stated, “We used to push the four-color advertising back into the advance runs but lately our national and local advertisers began to insist that their color ads run in the main section of the paper. We needed eight more color pages in each of our two Goss Metroliner presslines.” As part of the rigorous selection process, Harvey was able to draw upon his own staff and the resources of its parent, the New York Times, to draft a set of objective criteria that would be used to determine its choice of press supplier. Besides the usual criteria of cost and lead-time, the list included ease of integration into the existing press, quality of the inking system and ability to tolerate faults. “We concluded that Goss provided the best overall ownership benefit,” said Harvey. The ability to recover from stoppages due to power interruptions was a key factor in the tower selection and Goss was the only supplier to offer a shafted option that was compatible to its existing press equipment. “If you live on the Gulf coast of Florida, power interruptions are a way of life. We can’t fix the problem, but we can minimize its effects,” noted Harvey. Caused by the frequent thunderstorms and the accompanying lightning strikes, the interruptions can last for seconds to several minutes. “In terms of fault tolerance, we came to the decision that a shaft drive press was the way to go since it would coast to a stop when the power was interrupted and be able to start right back when the power returned. Goss was the only supplier that offered a shafted press option. They did not try to oversell us but came up with a practical, technically sound solution to the problem.” According to Tom Reardon, Goss International Americas Senior Sales Manager, “Total press tension control is really important to us. It provides consistent, high quality printing throughout the run. That and the shafted design will enable the Herald-Tribune to hold registration on re-starts and, with the web intact, keep waste to a minimum.” The new towers will interface with the recently installed MPCS³ controls console upgrade done under the Goss ENHANCE program. Harvey stated that “Our recent experience with the installation of digital inkers and the control system upgrade went very well. Goss were very thorough in completing all of our requirements. Given our past experiences with Goss and their proven track record of installing tower additions, we are confident that the job will be done right.” Goss tower additions have been installed on 50 presses worldwide. Installation of the two tower additions will be completed by the end of the year.