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MarketingForce Drives Business Success with Pageflex .EDIT in an ASP Service

Press release from the issuing company

ON DEMAND 2004 NEW YORK--March 8, 2004-- Pageflex (www.pageflex.com), the leading provider of Web-based document customization technology, and MarketingForce (www.marketingforce.com), a leader in online ad building ASP platforms and provider of ASP marketing services, today announced the deployment of Pageflex .EDIT as the technology powering online document customization for the 20,000 franchisees, independent dealers/distributors and small businesses that make up the MarketingForce user base. MarketingForce has taken full advantage of the latest features in Pageflex .EDIT 3.0, implementing a feature-rich, innovative document customization interface for their users, many of whom access MarketingForce services through private label sites such as American Express, Century 21, Y2Marketing, ERA Real Estate, and Coldwell Banker. MarketingForce offers a total marketing agency in a browser, providing customizable templates for brochures, coupons, direct marketing mailers, magazine ads, newspaper ads, signage, and more. Because the MarketingForce model is built on the agency-in-a-browser concept, the service has extensive marketing expertise built right in, including advice by topics, suggested headlines, copy and photos grouped by categories, and an interactive Live Help service where users can connect with a real person either online or by phone for marketing advice and assistance. With the MarketingForce model heavily geared toward self-service marketing, having an intuitive, easy to use interface is a top priority. "Many of our users have no design or marketing expertise, so they rely on us to build smart, flexible templates, and provide an intuitive way to adapt templates to meet unique requirements," says Jared Hendler, MarketingForce founder. "Pageflex .EDIT provides the unique interactive editing environment we were looking for with the WYSIWYG accuracy required for high quality marketing. It's clearly the best-of-breed online editing technology we needed. And with the features in .EDIT 3.0, building smart templates with built-in variables for headlines, copy, images, or any other page elements is easier than ever. We can even enable a user to change page dimensions and the content will automatically re-flow in an intelligent manner." "MarketingForce has utilized the latest smart template features in .EDIT 3.0 to its full advantage, creating one of the most innovative implementations we've seen," comments Anna Chagnon, Pageflex CEO. "The MarketingForce model requires lots of built-in marketing intelligence. The Pageflex-powered templates and interfaces they've created are impressive, providing intuitive easy to use interfaces while also enabling a high degree of customizability by a large user base with diverse needs." The MarketingForce model and demonstrated success with current clients is driving demand for MarketingForce services. The ASP service is appealing for corporations offering small business services or supporting networks of independent dealers for the ease of use and level of service it offers to end users, as well as for the ease with which a private-label program can be deployed. Many clients are up and running with a private-label site within two to four weeks of signing up. "Business has really picked up since the beginning of the year," says Jared Hendler. "We've won many new clients just in the last few months, and these clients are technology savvy marketers who are evaluating the service we provide from the core technology components on up." With significant growth anticipated, another key consideration for MarketingForce in choosing technology is scalability. "What we're doing is challenging," comments Hendler. "The Pageflex technology has not only the features, but the scalable architecture we'll need going forward. We've been working closely with Pageflex to ensure that our implementation is scalable. The Pageflex technical support and engineering teams have been extremely responsive and easy to work with." "MarketingForce made a strategic decision to go with Pageflex for key enabling technology," adds Anna Chagnon. "We're pleased to be building a partnership together to ensure the continued growth and success of the technology platform." MarketingForce Founder Jared Hendler will be presenting a live demonstration of Pageflex-powered MarketingForce sites in the Pageflex booth at On Demand this week. He is speaking on Monday morning, March 8th, at 11:00 a.m., and on Tuesday morning, March 9th at 10:30 a.m.