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Smart Assets Automate Aesthetic Ad Creation

Press release from the issuing company

Memphis, TN - February 25, 2004 - Graphic Resource Center (GRC), developer of AdBuilderPro-the industry-leading corporate asset management technology that has been responsible for bringing unprecedented marketing control and cost savings to advertising agencies and corporate marketeers-will debut its new SmartAssets technology at the 2004 ON DEMAND Conference & Exposition, at Javits Convention Center, New York City. This and other exciting new AdBuilderPro enhancements will be demonstrated in Booth # 2673, from March 8 through March 10, 2004. Reusing images and copy elements while maintaining original layout proportions for different size ads has plagued ad designers for years. Now, AdBuilderPro's SmartAssets solves this problem. SmartAssets technology allows the creation of esthetically pleasing ads, eliminating the possibility that an image or logo can be placed inappropriately. For example, a reversed headline, closeness to borders or other compromising positions may not complement particular assets. SmartAssets acts as a guardian to prevent these situations from happening. Working in conjunction with AdBuilderPro's FlexTemplate technology-also debuting at OnDemand Expo-SmartAssets provides advertisers and agencies with automated control over asset placement for publications with different ad specifications, while ensuring corporate advertising standards are strictly adhered to. According to Ed Lupo, President of GRC, "Smart Assets allows accurate placement of all ad elements, maintaining each element's proper relationship and proportions, according to pre-defined criteria. This control ensures that the created layouts are aesthetically pleasing. Once the ad building process begins, the metadata in the SmartAssets program interfaces with the .rrd file, the control matrix for AdBuilderPro FlexTemplates, allowing dynamic creation of new ads with all elements properly positioned." Completed ads are shown on screen as low-resolution PDF files for proofing. Precise asset placement within AdBuilderPro is governed by SmartAssets' Geometry Extraction Tool, according to pre-determined standards established by the asset owner, when an asset is placed into service. SmartAssets employs an easy to use dialog box where metadata associated with an advertising asset is recorded and updated. The Extraction Tool works in concert with the .rrd files which contain all image asset properties, including the interrelationship of each of an ad's elements. Properties attached to each image allow resizing, cropping, location control and authentication to ensure a unified look. Other attributes typically associated with individual assets include minimum and maximum size, proximity of logo to text elements, rule placement, gutters, and other ad placement variables. Once an asset's parameters are defined-via its Internet dialog box-they can be attached solely to the asset, to a specific ad template, or both-assets can also relate to each other. This allows common assets to be used in countless ad combinations and sizes. AdBuilderPro simplifies ad production and resizing for publications as diverse as The Wall Street Journal and USA Today-both having very different ad specifications-by means of a simple pull down menu. Bob Judson, a Toro dealer from Turf Power Equipment, commented on ease of use, "The Toro AdBuilderPro site allows me to do in two hours what used to take two weeks-fantastic!" The bottom line is automating ad production, and AdBuilderPro's latest enhancements continue delivering on that legacy. Graphic Resource Center, headquartered in Memphis, TN, has been providing line conversions, imaging, programming and asset management solutions to major advertisers in the United States and Europe since 1965. Heliogramme, ImageVault, AdBuilderPro, PrintBuilderPro, BrandBuilderPro and MarketBuilderPro are registered trademarks. Information about the complete range of AdBuilderPro products and services can be accessed on the World Wide Web at http://www.adbuilderpro.com