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Buhrs announces new Buhrs 1000 Film Wrapping System

Press release from the issuing company

Zaandam, The Netherlands, 18 February 2004, -- The new Buhrs 1000 is the next generation of the film wrapping systems for companies with low to medium volumes in film wrapping. This new system was especially designed to keep set-up and changeover times as short as possible. Market trends and challenges of the mailing industry Today's printing and mailing industries are extremely competitive. The number of publications is still on the rise, but volumes are decreasing gradually. As a result the number of jobs to be processed is increasing, with each job becoming smaller. With other words, multiple changeovers per day are very common in today's market. The challenge is to keep the time required for job changeovers as short as possible, as the impact of a changeover on net output can be significant. To meet this requirement, Buhrs now introduces the new Buhrs 1000 Film Wrapping System (generation II). The new Buhrs 1000 Film Wrapping System Late 1996 Buhrs-Zaandam first introduced a film wrapping system especially developed for small to medium-sized volumes of film wrapping, the Polymate EMT with a maximum running speed of 12,000 c/h. The very first Polymate EMT was installed in 1997 at our customer Van Elst in The Netherlands. Our customer Sri Siam in Bangkok, Thailand followed shortly after as one of the many systems we installed at locations around the globe from Australia across Asia and Europe to the United States of America. In 2000 the successor of the Polymate EMT was introduced, the Buhrs 1000. Just like the Polymate EMT, this system was well-received by the market right from the introduction and became a big success for Buhrs. Now, four years later, with great pride we introduce the new Buhrs 1000 (generation II). New features The main advantage of the new Buhrs 1000 is that the set-up and changeover times have been shortened substantially. This enables you to realise much higher net outputs, especially if setting-up and changing over several times a day is not an exception. This can be accomplished by using the many new features of the Buhrs 1000, such as: Automated settings in the wrapping section -> shorter set-up & changeover times Touch screen operator panel with storable job settings, up to 40 jobs -> shorter set-up times and shorter learning curve for new operators Servo-driven seal mechanism resulting in a better seal quality and less noise (approx. 75 db) -> nicer end-products, higher outputs (less rejects) and user-friendlier Motorised adjustments of the side guides in the gathering section -> shorter set-up and changeover times New design -> more ergonomic, easier to clean, better access so easier to operate & maintain and last but not least, better looks! Maximum cycling speed now 13,000 c/h