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Quebecor World Workers Demand Affordable Healthcare And Secure Retirements

Press release from the issuing company

OAKBROOK, Ill., Feb. 5 -- Employees of Quebecor World, Inc. from as far away as Covington, Tenn. and Versailles, Ky. were joined here today by more than 100 community members and labor leaders at the Gravure Association of America's Expo 2004 to rally for justice on the job. Quebecor workers, who are trying to form a union with the Graphic Communications International Union (GCIU), spoke out about the company's use of intimidation and harassment when workers stand up for their rights. They also distributed information about the company's recent cuts to their retirement and health insurance plans. "We've worked hard to make Quebecor a leader in the industry, but this year, the company will not contribute to our retirement and has nearly doubled the cost of our health insurance plan. How can we save for our future?" said Wanda Jones who works at Quebecor's Covington, Tenn. plant. "Quebecor said the plant would close and customers would leave if we formed a union, but that's not true," added William Jones, also from Quebecor's Covington plant. "We want the company to respect our rights and our decision about forming a union." The demonstration and rally occurred during a reception at the Expo where Quebecor was one of the presenters. Workers have distributed information about Quebecor's violations of workers' rights at several other industry events including the Folio: Show and the Gravure Association of America's Expo 2003. "Until there is justice at Quebecor, workers from throughout the country -- and throughout the world -- will continue to call attention to the company's poor labor practices," says Alan Tate, the GCIU Director of Contracts and Research. Quebecor World employees across the United States are standing up for a voice at work. Quebecor World workers from 14 countries have supported this demand, calling on the company to sign a global agreement on labor standards -- including the right of workers to form unions. The Expo 2004 is a printing industry event that brings together companies to discuss new technologies and trends in the gravure market. The Illinois AFL-CIO showed its commitment to help Quebecor World workers get safe jobs, affordable health insurance and a secure future. Participants of the Illinois AFL-CIO's Organizing Conference distributed information to Expo attendees during the rally.