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NAPL: I-Tag Group Provides Printers With Unique Forum To Address Critical Issues

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PARAMUS, N.J., Oct. 13, 2003 – Today’s printing industry faces a number of critical issues—areas of concern so pressing that they simply must be addressed effectively for the industry and the companies that comprise it to move forward. In response to this urgent need, the National Association for Printing Leadership (NAPL) is bringing together a select group of printers in a one-of-a-kind, invitation-only Industry Trends Analysis Group (I-TAG) to address the critical issues facing the printing industry. “Through I-TAG, NAPL will help the industry take a giant step forward by providing the only forum of its kind for face-to-face strategizing about the critical issues affecting printers today,” said Joseph P. Truncale, NAPL president and chief executive officer. “Many of the issues I-TAG will address were defined by the NAPL State of the Industry Report,” said Andrew Paparozzi, NAPL’s vice president and chief economist. “We’re now taking the next much-needed next step by bringing together some of the most progressive printers in the industry to debate and wrestle with those issues and find strategies to deal with them. “I-TAG was formed in recognition of the fact that, as our industry becomes more complex, it’s essential for companies’ to seriously address how they can grow their business, expand their market share, and make sure they’re on the right side of the redistribution of business that’s already taking place,” Paparozzi noted. “The insights gained through I-TAG will help companies make those determinations.” I-TAG participants will take part in research and surveys throughout the year and come together to strategize about four of the most pressing industry issues at an annual Conference, to be held this year on Nov. 10 & 11 in Arlington, Va. NAPL will produce an in-depth report on the Conference outcomes which will be distributed to I-TAG participants. An Executive Summary of the key findings of the report will be available to NAPL members. I-TAG participants will be asked in advance of the Conference to choose from among the following the four issues they want to address in November: • The changing nature of competition. As the Internet and digital technology redefine both the nature and the source of competition, printers must be prepared to compete in new arenas and new ways. • Information technology / e-commerce. IT and e-commerce are transforming how people communicate and conduct business, and printers must learn how to leverage these tools within their own organizations and with their suppliers and customers. • Diversification beyond print. A look at the realities of diversification—how to make it work and how to diversify profitably. • Human Resources. As the printing industry becomes more complex, companies need new types of personnel. This includes qualified IT professionals, for which printers must compete economy-wide. How can printers effectively recruit, retain, and develop this new breed of employee? • Manufacturing excellence. The printing organization of today must be a modern manufacturing enterprise that embodies modern manufacturing technologies such as computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM), with an emphasis on digitization, integration, and continuous improvement. • Marketing—establishing a compelling competitive advantage. To remain viable competitors, printers must identify their clients’ communications needs and making a compelling case that they can satisfy those needs effectively. Companies invited to participate in I-TAG are those that have shown through their participation with the Association’s programs that they are proactive thinkers committed to finding effective and innovative ways to move their companies forward. The group is comprised of printers only and does not include manufacturers, vendors, consultants, trade press, etc. Printing companies interested in being considered for inclusion in I-TAG should contact Robin Schabacker at (800) 642-6275, ext. 1307, or [email protected]