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Hitachi Printing Solutions Announces New High Speed Spot Color Printer

Press release from the issuing company

SIMI VALLEY, Calif., January 26, 2004 – Hitachi Printing Solutions America, Inc. (HPRSA), a subsidiary of Hitachi Printing Solutions, Ltd., Japan, today announced the Digital Document Publisher 184 (DDP 184), a high-speed, spot color digital printer. Equipped with two, industrial strength, production-ready engines, the DDP 184 is capable of printing up to 184 images per minute (ipm) in duplex mode. The DDP 184 is spot color capable and can begin producing highlight color documents when color developer and toner are added. With a small physical footprint, comprehensive network support system and robust printing engines, the DDP 184 is well suited for any high-volume printing application when fast throughput and high reliability are critical. Showcasing the latest in Print On Demand (POD) solutions from Hitachi, the DDP 184 improves on previous single engine models by utilizing tandem printer engines. When operating in monochrome duplex mode each engine prints on one side of the paper, achieving 184 ipm. In simplex spot color mode, each engine prints both black and color toner on one side at 92 ipm. In addition to being color capable, the DDP 184 will also support Magnetic Image Character Recognition (MICR) in the near future. MICR toner will be able to be added in much the same way that color toner is added and this capability will further expand the printing flexibility by providing the ability to print documents, such as bank checks. “The Hitachi DDP 184 is the newest addition to our line of digital printers targeted directly at the financial/banking, direct marketing and transactional print industries,” said Leonard Stone, vice president, Americas Printer Division, HPRSA. “These industries demand a printing solution that is reliable, easy to maintain and has a small physical footprint. We are pleased to announce a product that meets all of these requirements, and also offers spot color printing technology.” Through the use of the DDP 184 embedded web server, managing and connecting this printer over the network has never been easier. To ensure you get maximum productivity from the printer, the DDP 184 offers an integrated on-board spooler and multiple original print (MOPy) capability to enable production of digital originals while simultaneously processing input for the next job. The DDP 184 also supports toner and developer for red, blue and green spot color applications, as well as MICR in the future, and has an integrated Customer Changeable Developer unit that makes operator switching of the color and MICR toner modules simple and quick. Additional features of the DDP 184 include: • Real time monitoring, control and network management functions via the DDP Print Server web browser interface • Personalized printing through the use of the variable printing software features • Job printing flexibility with its ability to handle PCL, PostScript, PDF, TIFF, and ASCII jobs • Workflow controls to enable cluster printing features and email notifications upon job completion • Support for standard printing protocols and Windows and Macintosh operating systems • Access to all printer and finishing functions via the network • Custom queues for easy-to-use printing profiles • Printer life of five years or 60 million impressions • Increased throughput and responsiveness by intelligent printer sharing • Job archiving that stores bitmaps for future reprinting The DDP 184 is available immediately through HPRSA and its network of nationwide resellers and authorized agents. For more information, please visit http://www.hitachiprintingsolutions.us, or call 888-252-4193.