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Institute for Media Convergence formed by veteran marketing and publishing executives

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New York, NY - Media industry veterans Thaddeus B. Kubis and John S. Favat have announced the formation of a international membership driven, and have applied for non-profit 501 c (6) organization status: The Institute for Media Convergence (IFMC).

What is Media Convergence? The combination of computing, communications and content, presented in a deliverable and measured manner. Media convergence is the merging of mass communications outlets-print, television, radio, the Internet along with portable and interactive technologies through various digital presentation platforms. The media convergence movement grew from recent technological advancements-particularly the emergence of the Internet, the digitization of information, which linked computer technology to content and communications.

Currently the Institute (IFMC) is developing a series of research projects for international corporations that relate to the adaptation of Media Convergence; a review of those policies; development of Media Convergence certification procedures; the establishment of a "Media Convergence Quotient"; and establishing standards for and metrics of Media Convergence. The IFMC has been professionally engaged and is available to conduct independent research projects.
The goal for the IFMC during 2011 will be to form an active and supportive international membership, with a common vision focused on Media Convergence. "The success of our Global interaction with international corporations, various media, advertising and marketing firms along with the research projects assigned to the IFMC opened the door to the formation of the Institute", said Thaddeus B. Kubis, President of NAK, an integrated marketing company, blogger and long time media consultant with clients from Wall Street to Silicon Valley.

The demand for our expertise in this emerging field is the reason we moved forward to form the non-profit Institute. The demand is there and we are building the resource to support that demand under our corporate mantra: Experience applied – knowledge sharedsm", says John S. Favat, former Publisher of American Printer and Founder/Publisher of Binding, Finishing & Distribution print and online magazines .

The Institute for Media Convergence (IFMC) will provide the needed link, the glue to solidify education, print, publishing, marketing, advertising, business, technology and industry to a focused force in full understanding and acceptance of the dynamic changes that are on the immediate media horizon.  Key to the IFMC's corporate passion will be simple but defined core objectives; to Evaluate and Examine the impact of media convergence on and for our members, and to Distribute and Teach the benefits and impact of this newly defined field of Media Convergence. "As an experienced marketing executive I have seen the process of Media Convergence in real time and there is an obvious need to define, support and measure this new sector", says Mr. Kubis, IFMC Chief Media Convergence Evangelist.

The Institute for Media Convergence (IFMC) will be the defining information nexus, activating a partnership between all current (offline - online) and future media (augmented reality, RFID, geo tracking, Cloud Computing, Nanotechnology). The IFMC will be an online, global clearinghouse designed to evaluate and recommend standards and practices; provide critical research on Media Convergence and its impact; and be the resource for professionals seeking more efficient media utilization.

"Publishing is only one of the disciplines that has been and will continue to be affected by the convergence of media sources and technology. There is a clear need to lead the pack and provide an international scope to support this convergence", says Mr. Favat, IFMC Senior Director.

The Institute for Media Convergence (IFMC) will measure the impact of this newly defined discipline and will be the authoritative and trusted resource for professionals seeking more efficient media integration and utilization.  The IFMC is dedicated to the growth of Media Convergence in all segments, channels and verticals; supports the development of measurement tools that will provide the proof and ROI that is necessary in all phases of development and business practices; assists our targeted membership in capitalizing on and prospering from the approaching Media Convergence tidal wave.
"With the formation of the Institute we and our members will look beyond the current post digital age and to those native to digital technology beyond the current horizons. The Institute will be the cradle of this new growth across multiple traditional media and emerging technologies disciplines including gaming and cloud based distribution techniques". Says Mr. Kubis.
The Institute for Media Convergence (IFMC) is inviting select individuals from diverse industries to become Advisory Board members and will be offering select corporate Founding Memberships as well as other levels of general membership in the coming weeks. An annual interactive event is being formulated and planned for the spring of 2011, which will include a full slate of seminars, webinars and educational discussions.


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