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Exanet Announces ExaStore For Digital Media

Press release from the issuing company

NEW YORK, September 25, 2003 – Exanet, Inc. today announced the availability of ExaStore for the digital media industry. ExaStore is the first universal, highly automated, Scalable Storage Cluster System specifically tuned for pre-media applications for the graphic arts industry and digital media markets. ExaStore provides easy file sharing for digital media applications across a wide range of system platforms including Apple, Windows, UNIX and Linux. ExaStore software, when installed on industry standard off-the-shelf hardware, offers a wide range of unique features including scalable capacity, performance, and low cost system management. “ExaStore is unique in bringing the capabilities of high end, expensive storage systems to the low cost, affordable world,” stated Dr. Giora Yaron, CEO and Chairman of Exanet. Key features of ExaStore include: • Dynamic, application tuned performance • Single distributed file system image with single global name space • Supports Apple File Protocol, NFS and CIFS • High availability, no single point of failure in cluster configurations • High performance architecture • Easy capacity and performance scalability • Low cost, centralized management • Uses industry standard, off the shelf hardware ExaStore is based on Exanet’s unique patent pending technology ExaMesh. Exanet has more than 20 patents pending and has invested hundreds of engineering man years developing ExaMesh and ExaStore. “ExaStore offers low cost, dynamic, application tuned performance. This is a unique advantage for all leading digital media applications including software programs from Adobe, Xinet, Dalim, Quark and many others. No other storage product offers this level of integration for digital media,” stated Melvin A. Ettinger, President of Exanet’s Digital Media Division. ExaStore has been installed at customers around the world for more than a year. Exanet installations comprise a wide range of configurations and storage sizes in a wide variety of different size pre-media companies. One of ExaNet’s customers is Applied Graphics Technologies, Inc. (AGT), one of the world’s largest pre-media companies. Neil O’Callaghan, Senior VP of Technology at AGT stated, “Exanet is the first company to provide digital storage systems designed specifically for pre-media applications for the graphic arts industry. The scalability and flexibility of ExaStore has met our digital storage needs perfectly. It has greatly increased our throughput and productivity, and has been extremely reliable.” ExaStore is available today in a wide range of configurations starting at a single terabyte and scalable to hundreds of terabytes. Companies within the digital media industry that would benefit from Exanet storage systems include printers, publishers, pre-media companies, advertising agencies, post production video companies, and all companies that have large amounts of digital content to manage. Complete ExaStore systems are available from Exanet and its major distributors worldwide.