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Goss International announces new reelstand upgrade for press optimization

Press release from the issuing company

Goss International is launching a new upgrade program focused on extending the competitive lifespan of installed newspaper presses through enhanced reelstand performance. Available immediately, the RTP Upgrade program for double-width CT45/50 reelstands is a package of hardware and software enhancements designed to provide the latest capabilities with improved efficiency and productivity.

The Goss RTP Upgrade package solves a range of issues associated with older reelstand technology, including reduced control of web tension, complex maintenance and ageing components that may be difficult to replace. New features introduced through the upgrade initiative include an integrated controls system, supported by the latest generation of digital drives, encoders, valves and sensors. Together, these components provide finer control and improved repeatability via a user-friendly interface.

"Upgrading reelstands can be a simple and very cost-effective way of extending the competitive life of a press," comments David Muncaster, commercial director at Goss International. "Problems associated with maintaining and replacing older systems can have a significant effect on productivity. With this upgrade, all the problems associated with older components have been resolved through replacement with industry standard 'off the shelf 'components. At the same time, we can provide enhanced control and vastly improved maintenance and diagnostic functions."

Through a combination of the latest component technology and high-tech control features with focused diagnostic solutions, benefits of the Goss RTP Upgrade package fall into three key categories. These are simpler operation, minimized press downtime, and reduced maintenance time and costs.

Operability is simplified and made more efficient through a variety of design elements, including:
- Modern, reliable 'off the shelf' hardware
- Enhanced operator interface via locally mounted HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces)
- Component controls integrated through the main PLC
- Rolling diagnostic log at both local and central control levels
- Improved pressure control system delivering finer adjustment and improved repeatability
- Core break control via main controls desk allowing real-time adjustment and monitoring

As well as improvements in press utilization due to easier operability, press downtime is reduced by new features designed to address some common issues:
- Improved diagnostics for rapid detection of problems
- Improved hardware reliability
- Automatic calculation of new reel gap based on diameter, replacing less reliable use of position sensors

For more affordable maintenance, the upgrade program offers a number of longer-life components and features allowing easier identification of faults, such as:
- Readily available, off-the-shelf parts with improved reliability
- Use of digital encoders to provide greater accuracy and durability than customized potentiometers
- Improved diagnostics to help pinpoint faults when they occur including access to drawings and schematics from the locally mounted HMIs

In addition to these standard features, the Goss RTP Upgrade program also offers a wide range of optional extras including remote diagnostic support, replacement drive motors, automatic edge alignment, and mechanical refurbishment packages tailored to match the generation and condition of individual reelstands.

The net result, according to Muncaster, is improved reelstand functionality and reliability resulting in improved capabilities from an existing press that might otherwise experience a gradual decline in overall competitiveness. "The struggle to remain competitive is an ongoing issue for all printers, especially as equipment ages and maintenance takes a larger slice of day-to-day production time and cost. It can be very difficult to identify when that slice has become too large and it's time to take action. This new Goss RTP Upgrade provides a no-risk opportunity to get an immediate boost in production capabilities and efficiency and get the very best from existing equipment for years to come."