EFI and Printcafe Reaffirm Support of Open Architecture, Industry Standards

Press release from the issuing company

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.--Sept. 9, 2003-- Electronics For Imaging and Printcafe have joined forces with other industry innovators to promote JDF, the emerging print industry standard for electronic job ticketing at this week's Seybold San Francisco. EFI will show three products, including Velocity OneFlow(TM) pre-press software, integrated with a six-step JDF-enabled production workflow across a variety of creative software, pre-press and Printcafe MIS software, and digital and offset presses from a range of industry vendors. The Seybold JDF Demonstration Tour runs from September 9 through 11 and is located at Moscone West, Level 1. JDF (Job Definition Format) is the emerging print industry standard for electronic job ticketing, enabling open systems for Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM). The JDF language streamlines information exchange, reducing human error and increasing cost efficiency by tracking essential job information throughout the print cycle regardless of the software applications or presses used. The Seybold JDF Workflow Tour will cover six stages of job creation and production, demonstrating how customers and printers will benefit from adopting the JDF standard. EFI will show three products integrated into the multi-vendor, JDF workflow: Velocity OneFlow(TM), Velocity Balance(TM) and Fiery controllers. These EFI products connect via JDF to form an open system for Computer Integrated Manufacturing that includes web job submission applications, pre-press tools, MIS software, and digital and offset presses. Printcafe, which is being acquired by EFI, is showing their Hagen OA MIS software that will be sharing business data, via JDF, with both the digital and offset presses. "We are very excited to show how JDF can make Computer Integrated Manufacturing a completely open system that can work with any printer's hardware," said Ghilad Dziesietnik, EFI Vice President of Advanced Workflow. "EFI is committed to promoting and integrating the JDF open standard for electronic job ticketing. With JDF, every printer and every print customer can increase their productivity and cost efficiency by having a print job's 'genetic code' transferred automatically every step of the printing process. What the customer requests then becomes exactly what the output delivers." "Printcafe is also deeply committed to promoting CIM and we are pleased to show how our Hagen OA software is integrated, using JDF, with both digital and offset workflows," said Marc Olin, CEO of Printcafe. "EFI and Printcafe have been key participants in all of Seybold's leadership JDF initiatives," said Craig Cline, Vice President of Content for MediaLive International, organizers of Seybold Seminars. "We are very excited to have them as major players in both our Seybold JDF Workflow Tour and the Seybold CIP4 JDF Summit."